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This paper 'Auschwitz Holocaust" focuses on the fact that when considering history, it is important to gather facts and separate them from fiction. David Cole's interview on the Auschwitz Holocaust is a classic example of how historical evidence should be separated from word of mouth. …
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I feel that when you carry out research like how Cole did you need to be authentic yourself before other people can acknowledge the seriousness of your study. Cole had disguised himself as a Jew, even though he didn’t believe in the Jews. I understand why he did it. Instead, he could have approached the research by identifying himself as someone who is truly interested in holocaust history. He pretended to be a righteous Jew because he has assumed the official will not give accurate information. This they did anyways. Furthermore, his discovery of the gas chambers and their actual function as disinfestation chambers came about through detailed evaluation of the sites instead of from people he interviewed. There is no reason to disguise.
As far as the evidence he got from his research that the gas chambers during World War 2 had been actually disinfestation chambers. Cremation and gassing infrequency show that the myth of millions of Jews died during the War had been false. I agree that most of the evidence do not collaborate with the so-called history presented by Jews to the world. Coles evidence indicates that there is a need to re-evaluate the holocaust history.
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(Auschwitz Holocaust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 338 Words)
Auschwitz Holocaust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 338 Words.
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