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Dr. Franciszek Pipers Interview on Auschwitz State Museum - Essay Example

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This paper "Dr Franciszek Piper’s Interview on Auschwitz State Museum" focuses on the fact that during detailed 6 part footage on YouTube, David Cole, a young revisionist and atheist filmmaker conducted an interview at the Auschwitz State Museum in September of 1992. …
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Dr. Franciszek Pipers Interview on Auschwitz State Museum
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Extract of sample "Dr. Franciszek Pipers Interview on Auschwitz State Museum"

 The Auschwitz State Museum features buildings from the Auschwitz prison in the 1940s, gas chambers, their camp theatre and their swimming pool.
During the interview with the tour guide, Alisha, it was clear that some amount of deception was being practiced on the part of the tour guides on all the tours. It turns out they were trained and instructed to educate tourists in a manipulative manner with the use of inaccurate information. It was further observed that the buildings at the museum such as the so-called ‘homicidal’ gas chambers have been reconstructed and yet are being passed off as originals by officials. During the interview with a rather reluctant Dr. Piper, the same questions were directed to him as the tour guide and the information he presented was totally different and rather convincing. However, he too provided some information surrounded with some amount of ambiguity.
One of the main contributors of the holocaust theory was the gas chambers, which was said to homicidally end the lives of many, except its victims were clothes and mattresses to combat the lice infestation. (They don’t tell tourists this on the tour)
David Cole’s analysis proved that the evidence to support the holocaust theory is extremely limited. Reason for this is the piles of shoes and clothes put on as exhibits passed off as properties of the victims of the holocaust have a perfectly logical explanation. The closest they have for evidence for this theory are eyewitnesses and post-war confessions. The video further denotes that holocaust experts have claimed that the number of people said to have perished at Auschwitz Prison was over 4 million, a number which was refuted during the interview with Piper. Piper then concluded that the number was in fact closer to 1.1 million.  Read More
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