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Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions model in relation to Jordanian culture - Essay Example

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The study aims to assess the validity of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions model in relation to Jordanian National culture and the implications the current national culture carries for key HRM practices.This section of the study of areas such as theories on culture, the country profile of Jordan…
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Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions model in relation to Jordanian culture
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"Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions model in relation to Jordanian culture"

Download file to see previous pages The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is one such nation in the Arab world which is currently promoting itself as an attractive venue for Foreign Direct Investments, especially in the Information & Communication Technology (ITC) industry and the tourism industry (Al-Jaghoub & Westrup 2003). Lead by the charismatic leader, King Abdullah, the country is poised today to capitalize from the growing world market for software and information technology products, which can be catered through the abundance of high caliber human capital endowment the country is in possessing with. The aim is to attract companies from America and Europe in to investing in the country’s ITC sector and act as a hub for ITC activities in the region to cater the needs of not only the US and European customers but also the rest of the Arab world (REACH 2000). However, the success of these cross-cultural FDI ventures and other forms of business dealings depend heavily upon how well the host country and the investing country manage to integrate their operations and manage their human resource in to high performance. Therefore such business ventures require a high level of awareness and sensitivity to the diverse national cultures, which bears upon the manner in which business dealings are conducted. Success of cross-cultural business dealings will depend upon a deep understanding of the national cultures and a mutual respect, which should form the backbone of all forms of business strategies including the HRM strategies (Hill 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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