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International relation theory - Essay Example

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International Relations Theory The international relations theory explains the functioning of the international political system from a particular theoretical perspective, holding certain systematic ideologies or principles that are backed-up with concrete evidence…
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International relation theory
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"International relation theory"

Download file to see previous pages While neo-realist theory contends the effect of state principles and capabilities for the international system, neo-liberalist theory emphasizes on a wider view of the international politics, focusing on the plurality of state actions including the economic and cultural aspects. Taking these two schools of thought for discussion, we bring out an analysis of which theoretical perspective provides the most plausible account of international politics, with particular reference to the films, Independence Day, and Lord of the Flies. The article examines how the international theories appear to be true on the movie and analyze whether the theory is portrayed in the film as normal or deviant from the world in it. According to Neo-realism, the international political structure is defined by the principle of anarchy, mentioning that there is no central authority of governance for the international system. Kenneth Waltz, regarded as the founder of Neo-realism, argues that, unlike the traditional realism, the conduct of the states is determined by this structure of the international system. The states are inclined to be formally equal in the system and they act without subordinating to each other. The needs and abilities of a state determine their capabilities and power on the international system. ...
Anarchy and self-preservation alone are not sufficient to explain the war of all against all” (Pechlivanis 2012). The international relation is shaped by the balance of power among the states, which is attained by the states’ abilities to constrain to the relative powers for relative gains, through internal and external balancing. The great powers within the international system could be classified as the unipolar, bipolar and multipolar systems, owing to the number of powers contained in the system. According to neorealist, bipolar system would be a stable one as it is balanced through internal balancing alone, eliminating the need for external balancing. This is because there is no greater power to be formed from alliances and therefore lesser chance for great wars. On the other hand, Neoliberalism tends to view the international system from a wider perspective, demanding for a stronger state that promotes its interests. Unlike the neo-realism that views the state as a single entity, neo-liberalism includes plurality of its affairs. It focuses on security, integration of states and conflicting nature of the international politics in respect to the political economy and cooperation between the states. Neo-liberalism insists that states should have the goal of absolute gains rather than concerning about the relative gains for establishing power. The collaboration among the competitive states can be achieved in an anarchic international system with a rational decision and preferences of the states. Neo-liberalism contends that international institutions can successfully pave a way for the states to cooperate in the international system. “Institutions exert a causal force on international relations, shaping state preferences and locking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(International Relation Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
International Relation Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
“International Relation Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words”, n.d.
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...of countries by obtaining economic incentives in order to reduce labor cost, lowering taxes, and provide financing for capital projects. Private corporations and governmental institutions benefit when they cooperate and work in alliance in order to provide maximum benefit to the general public Define "Unipolarity" and comment on the role of the US as a hegemonic power that might affect world stability. Unipolarity occurs when one nation has economic, military, and cultural control over the international community. In the modern world the United States is the closest state that resembles unipolarity due to its ability to influence other world leaders. During the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan the United States...
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...of self-biases and inaccuracies, since he is also promoting his own interests for the greater evangelical drive of colonization. Question 2: What are the elements that make Machiavelli’s thought a philosophy of power? How does his analysis of political practice contribute to a “modern” turn in Western political? Does traditional International Relation Realism (e.g; human nature as selfish, power as a zero-sum game) misunderstand Machiavelli? How does the legacy of The Prince differ from that of The Discourses? Niccolo Machiavelli wrote the “The Prince” during his exile in Percussina. His audience is the Medici, the ruling family in Italy. Machiavelli was a statesman and by 1502 he was a celebrated...
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...International Relation Theory Knudsen in his argument s that the 1998 rebellion of the Albanians in Kosovo and ensuring of the civil war and international intervention is an example of tragic violent conflict and collective attempts by the foreign nations to intervene. According to English perspective, this gives to questions regarding the relationship between human rights and international sovereignty, and the managerial and legitimizing roles of international relation. This school of thought argues that this was not normal intervention since it raised questions regarding the legitimacy of humanitarian intervention, the...
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...1-What is Anarchy and how does it relate to World Politics: Anarchy is of government where there is total disorder and lack of law. It erupts due to social disorder caused by economic, political, and other forms of disturbances. Usually it generates due to the inefficiency of the governing regime and the uproar of the masses against them .Anarchy takes place when the failure to govern reaches a certain point where it is beyond the control of administrative bodies. Anarchy in an individual country can have negative impact on the neighboring countries as well as the entire region. In modern times where the world has become a global village, turbulence in one nation causes upheaval in all surrounding regions. 2-After reading...
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...International Relations as an academic discipline is too much about theory and little about reality. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. The study of international theory is narrowed to theoretical approach rather than practical and has affected its understanding as it does not address the philosophical view of the international understanding. This has changed social the interpretation as the actual relations as it is a branch of science that deals with developments and interactions affecting the lives of people in different countries across national borders....
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...- safrica-nigeria-tensions-idUSKBN0NJ1OL20150428 Burchill, S. et al. (2013). Theories of International Relations. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Hargey, T. (2014, July 17). Why I, as a Muslim, am launching a campaign to ban the burka in Britain. Mail Online. Retrieved from 2695181/Why-I-Muslim-launching-campaign-ban-burka-Britain.html Levs, J. & Yan, H. (2015, April 3). 147 dead, Islamist gunmen killed after attack at Kenya college. CNN. Retrieved from attack/ Thompson, L. (2015, March 20). The U.S. Has No Defense Against A Russian Nuclear Attack. Really. Forbes. Retrieved from...
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International relation Keohane and Nye, globalization can lead to corporation among the separate individuals or organizations that are not in harmony with each other. The two professors in their discussion agreed that the significance role of globalization involves bringing together departed groups through the process of negotiation known as policy coordination. The agreement tries to bring peace and harmony to individuals within and internationally. The task of complex interdependence brought some complications. Keohane and Nye came up with a publication that had an in-depth understanding of the impacts of studying the international relations. The two authors try to explain the significant of an individual to study...
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...and other steady-state properties. In a more specific tone, the contemporary development models are viewed as related to the advanced countries. The Keynesian theory, for instance, has an abstract theoretical construct that abides by the abundant assumptions portrayed by the macro- theory of neo-classics. Contemporary development ideas also focused on full employment, perfect competition, and market clearing. Such ideas are considered to be of little interest to the segmented commodity, credit and labour markets of the less developed countries. In accordance with Kraft & Furlong (2008), the concept of dualism came into play in 1953 as a sociological dualism written by Boeke. According...
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