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Evaluation of Exploitation of World Politics Using Marxist Theory - Essay Example

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This essay talks that the International relation is the study that is concerned with the interrelationship that exists between states, or the nation-states are the principal aggregation of the existing political power. Critical theory was considered to a view of society and social theory…
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Evaluation of Exploitation of World Politics Using Marxist Theory
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of Exploitation of World Politics Using Marxist Theory"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that The paradigm of Marxian production kind of politics where the economically strong exploit the weak has unfortunately laid emphasis on the historical materialism. That is, in the modes of production, yet little attention has been set aside for the historical importance of race difference, state-building, war, morality, and culture, etc. Further, within the confines of Marxian theories, a nation-state’s political vision would be limited to the defense of abolition of class relations and commodity production without clear vision of social order necessary to secure freedom outside the sphere of production. The self-interest perversion have humbled humanity at the mercy of crumbling economic forces and the steadily increasing environmental harm which would soon make the planet inhabitable.
This paper makes a conclusion that the modern day politics is marked by exploitation of the economically weak countries by those which are said to be economically giants and developed. Internationalization of production has seen some powerful state take control of the very means of production in the various countries upon which though foreign their influence still dictates the very distribution of the produced goods. The resultant is the creation of hegemonic international social structure where the powerful have full directorship of young and developing nations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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