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Anthony giddens and fundemental principles, anthony giddens and relation between international relations and theories,how these - Essay Example

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ANTHONY GIDDENS FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES AND INTERNATIONAL RELATION Anthony Giddens has been known for his theory of socialization. In this theory the author depicted his holistic view on the contemporary society. In his writing the author delineated an innovative version of sociology…
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Anthony giddens and fundemental principles, anthony giddens and relation between international relations and theories,how these
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Extract of sample "Anthony giddens and fundemental principles, anthony giddens and relation between international relations and theories,how these"

Download file to see previous pages 1-8). International relation depicts the causes of war and condition of peace within the boundaries of different countries under different political frame. It also pinpoints towards the sociological aspects of every country. Through the study of the international relation, one can able to understand the reasons of the uncertainties in the social and political ground based on few principles (Dunne, Kurki & Smith, 2013, pp. 1-12). The given essay depicts the fundamental principles of Anthony Griddens and that of International Relation. The analysis also shows the relation in-between the two principles and what are their limitations. Anthony Griddens and Fundamental Principles: Anthony Giddens works reflected a relinquishment of positivism in the theories that framed timeless commandments of human organization. Griddens theory of Structuration is one of the socialistic theories which showed analysis of the different organizational structure research. The theory deals with certain fundamental principles. The theory finds its immense contributions towards the functionalism and structuralism in respect of the social tradition. Giddens in his analysis had taken “structure” as rules and resources used by people for interaction. As per the principles, “rules are generalized procedures and the methodologies that reflective agents possess in their implicit knowledge of stocks and that they apply a formula in the social system” (Turner, 2003, pp. 972). In this context the Giddens has mentioned the structuring of structure as the unremitting development of production. He criticized the new rules of the sociological method. As per his principle, social theories had a constant association and were affected by the social practices. Social practices had been an essential reconciling moment in between two conventionally established dualisms in the social theory. Social practices found a close proximity with the practical consciousness. In this regard the theory of structuration was outlined which substituted the central belief of duality of structure or the essential reclusiveness of social life. As per the theory, “Every social actor knows a great deal about the conditions of reproduction of the society of which he or she is a member” (Giddens, 1979, pp. 5). The suggestion made was that the social agents were knowledgeable of the environment in which they reside and they adopt themselves in the similar atmosphere and reproduce which is a conception in the duality of structure. In the principle Giddens also tried to portray an inherent relation in between the agency and power. In this aspect he referred to dialectic of control in collectivities. He stressed upon the fact that those in the minor position in the social structure were the most frequent adaptor of the changing social systems by converting the resources they had possessed so far. The principles of the theory were based upon non-functionalist manisfesto. This elaborated the persistent feature of social life. The principle of ‘relative arbitrariness’ influence the internal symphony of the language. As per Giddens, ‘The arbitrary nature of linguistic sign, and their constitution through difference, are the chief notions by means of which Saussure attempted to explicate langue as system” (Giddens, 1979, pp. 1-13). Author per Tuner (2003), said in this pretext, ‘In defining social theory as an “external” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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