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Gidden's Analysis of Globalization - Essay Example

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Gidden’s Analysis of Globalization [Instructor Name] Gidden’s Analysis of Globalization Globalization is a dynamic complex social phenomenon. People have strong arguments against and supporting the globalization and its impacts on the social lives…
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Giddens Analysis of Globalization
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Download file to see previous pages In the sociological analysis of globalization by Gidden, not only favorable conditions are incorporated but the adverse factors have also spotlighted. Favorable conditions include the development of telecommunication and other technology whereas the adverse effects cater transnational corporation growth, government transformations, and vanishing cultural identities (BBC 1999). The sociologists, economists, and the social scientists have often tried to exploit the notion of Globalization. Generally, people define Globalization as an unambiguous and precise state; this interpretation has made globalization lose its expressiveness. The world’s financial crises of 2008-09 have demanded a detailed and in-depth understanding and analysis of globalization. The financial crunch has proven that globalization is not just a precise or unambiguous notion but is a term that directly influences and affects people in their daily life. Anthony Giddens, London School of Economics’ former director and the advisor of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, has written about the globalization process in a different manner (Georgantzas 2009). As per the view of Giddens, the world has become very sensitive to the events happening far away yet globally. For example, a country located in the south will be affected by socio-economic problems of success of the country present in north. Globalization is “the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa”(Giddens 2009). The above provided concept of System Dynamics is applied in the work of Gidden. It is argued that the human preferences can affect the systems through challenging and replicating the markets but in turn, it is possible that the markets change human preferences. In contrast, it can also be viewed as the social and economical unity of the global countries that share the benefits and troubles of each other to reduce the impact to the maximum extent (Clyne and Woock 2000). Giddens view of globalization is not as simply as was described above but believes that it is not an ordinary phenomenon, that is standing in isolation but it has a power to influence every human being. This change and impact has the ability to develop and reshape the world (Routledge 2012). As Giddens views globalization as a source, of development, that carries numerous changes and tendencies, which give a new look to the modern societies. Globalization cannot be criticized completely or neither can it be stopped. In the same way, it cannot be ignored and its negative effects cannot be hided. The globalization has increased the growth of social unevenness, financial and ecological risks, and global risk of society. According to Giddens, societies have been affected by globalization and the lives (personal and professional) of individuals. A hierarchy of three distinct levels can be established here. Individuals affect the Transnational Corporation and their respective industries. Whereas, when the Transnational Corporations grow or decline, it influences the life of individuals and global supply chains. These movements can be affected by lags and delays of the time, can convert the long term, and short term growths (BBC 1999). Giddens describes four levels that are highly interrelated to each other as the dimensions of globalization. These levels are provided below: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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