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Give a critical assessment of the realist critique of liberalism int the study of international Relations - Essay Example

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The recent developments that have seen the spread of economic liberalization, world conflicts, democratic institutions, and unprecedented increase of international institution being witnessed globally have sparked a lot of interest in international relation theories…
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Extract of sample "Give a critical assessment of the realist critique of liberalism int the study of international Relations"

Download file to see previous pages For instance, realism is international politics view that emphasize on its antagonistic and competitiveness (Whelan 2004, p.2). Liberalism, on the other hand, stresses on corporation between countries (Whelan 2004, p.2). Realists in most cases have in been seen criticizing the views held by liberalists with regard to international relations. This paper explores the realist critique of liberalism in the study of international relations
Realism is arguable the most dominant international relation theory that has existed since the introduction of the discipline. The theory originated from the traditional thoughts held by scholars such as Hobbs, Machivialli and Thucydides. It is noted that the theory came in to being as a reaction against the interwar liberalists’ philosophy. In this regard, the realists have often used the events of the war to criticize the liberalists’ theory, which they argue, is a fallacy (Donnelly 2000, p.2).
Realists strongly believe that the international system has no central authority to govern its affairs. In this regard, they believe that the international relation is at a state of anarchy where each state is struggling to wield power so as to satisfy its own interest. Realists maintain that international politics is all about the struggle for power, which enables every state, achieve its objectives (Whelan 2004, p.12).
Realists believe that independent states are the main players in the international politics and that more attention is given to nations to powerful nations in the world with since they have a lot of influence as far as the international relations is concerned. Currently, this believe can be related to the U.S. as one of the most powerful nation in the world with a lot of influence in the international arena. Consequently, realists see other organizations such as non-governmental organizations, international institutions, multinational organizations, and citizens as having very little ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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