Realism Vs. Liberalism in terms and regards of International Relations - Essay Example

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This paper is aimed at providing a comparative study of Realism versus Liberalism in terms and regards of international relations. This paper also will explain how nations can exist side-by-side within a stable and ordered international system…
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Realism Vs. Liberalism in terms and regards of International Relations
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that theories are established or evolved as a way of explaining a complex and often opaque subject in a clear and useful way - when they resonate they become tools to explain and explore subjects. In these statements, a look will be to set a position between the theories of realism and liberalism to examine whether liberalism provides a viable alternative to realism when looking to understand international relations. An argue will be on that both realism and liberalism are useful theories when considering IR, they have two contradictory points. Bayliss and Smith describe these two theories as Realism being the natural party of government and Liberalism (as) the leader of the opposition. This analogy rather underplays the significance, application, and effectiveness of liberalism in our globalized world. Before exploring the various theories to explain international relations, we should first consider what is meant by the term International relations can be used to describe the academic pursuit to gain an understanding of how nations interact with each other. In the globalized and multi-stakeholder world that now subsists, that a center of concentration entirely on the states implicated will not be able to fully explain the actions and reactions on the international stage. In this essay, it is described international relations as the interactions of all stakeholders involved in setting nationally interested policies and the related diplomacy required to execute said policies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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