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Discuss critically the main successes and failures of Tony Blair's New Labour governments 1997-2007 - Essay Example

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SUCCESSES AND FAILURES OF TONY BLAIR’S NEW LABOUR GOVERNMENT’S 1997-2007 By Instructor Institution Location Date Tony Blair is recognized for the great work he did especially economically. History records that, he served as a Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007 in the United Kingdom…
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Discuss critically the main successes and failures of Tony Blairs New Labour governments 1997-2007
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"Discuss critically the main successes and failures of Tony Blair's New Labour governments 1997-2007"

Download file to see previous pages He advocated for equal rights and equal opportunities for the citizens enhancing cohesion in the respective states. He was recognized for his work by different politicians for instance Margaret Thatcher the first Prime Minister referred to him as a great inventor for the great impact he had made in the labour party. He brought out his issues in controversial basis. History recognizes him as the most radical and boldest leader in British politics. The essay discusses in details the main successes and failures of Tony Blair. Primarily Tony Blair achievements are evident especially in the Labour Party. He fought for the rights of the citizens especially on the basis of income and their working conditions. In the 1960s, the National Minimum wage was raised to ?5.52. This was because of the charismatic nature of Tony. He made sure that poverty levels reduced and the economic life sustained on prosperity basis. History recognizes him as a peacemaker for instance, he stopped the genocide that was happening in Kosovo and also ended the violence that impacted negatively in Northern Ireland (Faucher & Le 2010, p. 10). His reforms brought a great impact in Britain. For instance, during his leadership as a prime minister the crime rates reduced by 32 per cent. In addition, the funding for the pupils in England doubled. Because of Tony Blair’s effort, Britain was modernized especially on the bases of economic development. During his leadership, economic growth was sustained for almost ten years. Different programmes came in to fund the economy of the country. All the expanding programmes were funded by the big corporation because of the stability of the government that was evident in the state. Taxes were distributed equally among the members of the community. Tony also facilitated the expansion of the public sector in comparison to the private sectors hence creating job opportunities in the government institutions. Different politicians came in to support the booming economy of Britain especially in the area of schools, public safety and hospitals. He embraced Margaret Thatcher’s idea of free market policies to enhance the development of the economy (Davis 2013, p. 26). He is also recognized for being able to keep peace especially in Northern Ireland. He advocated for a strong Europe economy. This is because he knew that, the economy was important to enhance the growth of the country. His introduction of the red tape procedures enhanced the administration of the economic sector. In 1999, he staged out a strategy on the international community doctrine, which happened in Chicago. In his strategy, Tony advocated for the development of the economy. He gave emphases on the development of public policies. Public policies were based on health care (Gauld 2009, p. 26). He advocated for the development of the society specifically on the economic bases. Different corporations supported the growth of the economy by investing directly to the economy. Through the leadership of Tony, funds were allocated for the development of the economy. Because of his charismatic nature, they the funds were allocated in different projects for instance in the building of schools. The labour party under the leadership of Tony has had different achievements in different sectors of the economy. During his leadership the economy of the country improved by the sustaining low inflation on the part of the government (Page 2007, p. 120). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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