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Tony Blair and Crime Preventation - Essay Example

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This essay is a brief overview of how and what measures Tony Blair has taken in crime prevention and to what extent he is successful. What are the views of General public for him and how up till now he has managed to control the rate of crime The points that are discussed in this essay are somehow related to Blair's Government, as he promised to control the increasing rate of crime with a slogan, "being tough on crime", so let us assess as to what extent he went along with his slogan…
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Tony Blair and Crime Preventation
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Extract of sample "Tony Blair and Crime Preventation"

Download file to see previous pages Blair also supports the creation of an anti-drug czar position in his cabinet and wants a total ban on the ownership of handguns by civilians". (Schmalleger Frank, 1995, p. 241)
In my opinion being tough on crime means to handle crime events in such an effective and efficient manner that not only reduce crime rate but also it works in favour of the general citizens of the country. They feel protected and secure in the reign of such Government. This is only possible if crime is handled and eradicated at the grass root level and it is obvious that to handle crime at such elementary level the Government needs to know the real causes and factors behind crime. With respect to UK crime with the Government of Tony Blair, Adele Horin writes in his article of September 7, 2002 "Tough on crime means tough on the causes of crime. If instead of stealing the policies from Tony Blair, Bob Carr had paid half the attention to the causes of crime as he paid to the crackdown on criminals, NSW would be better off". He continues, "We got more jails, more inmates, more police and a higher proportion of convicted offenders sent to jail. And through it all crime continued to rise, according to reports of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research". (Horin Adele, 7 Sept 2002)

In 1994, Tony Blair promised to be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime but according to Telegraph Speakers "after weeks of criticism on the growing impact of human rights legislation, Tony Blair has admitted that his government has failed to produce a criminal justice system that people can trust". (Telegraph Speakers, 15 May 2006) Now let us examine through various case studies and highlight the factors and causes of crime growth, what are the circumstances, which caused Tony Blair to admit his failure in reducing crime.
On Dec 28, 2005 BBC in accordance with the BBC News, "Ian Matthews aged 19 was punished for angering his neighbours by playing football at late night. His offence was that he damaged some property by kicking football, although unintentionally he was ordered to pay the cost of 500 pounds from ASBO along with the ban of playing football at late night for three years". (BBC news, Dec 28 2005) Here I agree with Watson Steve, "After all, today's street footballer could be tomorrow's terrorist". (Watson, Jan 16 2006) This is what is happening in the current era of Blair who promised to "being tough on crime". If this is the outcome of Blair's government, who is going to reveal the real terrorists We can see the daily growing percentage of crime in UK, the false promises have given the citizens nothing but insecurity, the killers and rapists are on the loose, even they enjoy the benefit of real freedom provided under the current scenario of Government. As they are aware of the fact, in past they were feared at least to some extent, but today they know they will not be accounted to anyone. They have the real license to commit any crime; after all, the innocent is always blamed and sentenced.
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