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Discuss critically the main successes and failures of Tony Blair's New Labour government 1997-2007 - Essay Example

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The main successes and failures of tony Blair’s new labor government 1997- 2007 Name Institution Introduction Anthony Charles Lynton Blair was born in 1953 in the United Kingdom, a graduate of University of Oxford and many other recognized institutions. He was elected Member of Parliament for Sedgefield in the year 1983 to 2007 and from 1994 to 2007, leader of the Labour Party after the dead of John Smith…
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Discuss critically the main successes and failures of Tony Blairs New Labour government 1997-2007
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"Discuss critically the main successes and failures of Tony Blair's New Labour government 1997-2007"

Download file to see previous pages This implies that the government was not stable and had no strong probability to solve governmental issues or give firm stands concerning the United Kingdom hence Blair had to work hard under his personal capacity to ensure that the UK was better placed as compared to earlier governments. Tony Blair’s regime as a Prime Minister achieved a landslide of successes though on the other side, the government failed to address some national and international challenges as discussed below (Shaw, 2012: 56). Achievements of tony Blair’s government 1. Development Tony Blair being a Member of Parliament before winning the 1997 general elections had a clue on the sidelines to follow in order to enhance development and growth of the United Kingdom. Though this seem to be unrealistic due to the less informed his cabinet was, he made a lot of positive strides across the entire world. The Prime Minister reasoned out with the all the political parties, British public as well as the media against joining the Eurozone to adopt the Euro. This act brought internal cooperation and peace as the nation spoke in one voice (Gunter & Forrester, 2008: 151). Being a learned person, Blair new well that motivation was key to success and quality work. He therefore introduced the National minimum wage and went as far as raising it. The move positively enhanced the living standards and created a great correlation to the general provision of services which include government and non-governmental based. In the early years, Tony Blair held several meetings with key African leaders showing how personally he was concerned on developing Africa and making it a free sate of success, a message that went down into giving the Africans more attention beyond the issues of aid. The Great 8 (G8) summits majorly centered on issues to do with: development through improving governance, investing in people, embracing peace and stability as well as mutual accountability (David, 2012). The long standing relationship between the South African President; Thabo Mbeki and the British government led to establishment of new approaches to develop Africa as a whole to enable the African countries to rely on their efforts unlike depending so much on donors. Today South Africa stands out to be a great republic through these unstoppable efforts (Andrew, 2013: 90). The New Labour Government invested more in realizing the goals of learning institutions through fully supporting learning processes as from lower levels to high institutions, employment of more civil servants, improving their terms of work and enhancing job creation. 2. Climatic change policy. Unpredictable weather patterns has remained a major issue to be address up to date and policy makers find it difficult due to the ever changing living patterns surrounded with scientific innovations and industrialization. The New Labour Party developed the climate change agenda in 1997 as Europe become reluctant to minimize the levels of sulphure emissions into the air. It was later taken to be the government’s environmental policy that aimed at regulating the amount of harmful gases and other wastes eliminated into the air. Successful cooperation of Tony Blair’s government and the business firms saw more approaches developed towards tackling climatic change. Through Blair’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss Critically the Main Successes and Failures of Tony Blair'S New Essay.
“Discuss Critically the Main Successes and Failures of Tony Blair'S New Essay”, n.d.
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