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Tony Blair's government between 1997 and 2007 - Essay Example

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One successful feather in the cap of Tony Blair is the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein Iraqi military dictatorship. Further, Tony Blair's government at this time is very successful because the strong relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom has kept the world in a peaceful state…
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Tony Blairs government between 1997 and 2007
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Download file to see previous pages One successful feather in the cap of Tony Blair is the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein Iraqi military dictatorship. Tony blair was right in helping the United States go to war with Iraq. In fact, Tony Blair's decision to send British Troops into Iraq to topple, capture and try Saddam Hussein for his government's crimes against Kuwait, and murders of some Muslim sects that were against his style of government. Tony Blair, Mr. Bush of the United States and other other nations were right in attacking Iraq. Today, the arrogant Saddam Hussein is finally gone. Now, democracy is slowly but surely unfolding in the once military rule of an army general.
Further, Tony Blair's government at this time is very successful because the strong relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom has kept the world in a peaceful state. James Naughtie aptly described Tony Blair as the United States watchdog. Tony Blair had gained the trust and confidence of the Bill Clinton as well the the younger President Bush'es administration. He is called the American watchdog, Alsatian, for Tony Blair warns the American leaders of possible dangers that will be knocking in the next few months or years on the doors of many free nations. Tony Blair does not think twice as he immediately orders his British forces to attack Saddam Hussein during the desert storm era where Kuwait was freed from the clutches of Saddam Hussein (Wheatcroft 2004).
In fact, Tony Blair was instrumental in alerting the Clinton administration about the debacle on the United States that would arise if the United States did not take any forcible action in the Kosovo arena. Tony Blair also persuaded President Bush to aid in the war where the Serbs were involved. In addition, Tony Blair's speech to the Economic Club in Chicago, United States in 1999 had emphasised the importance for the United States' use of preemptie strikes if the first step of using diplomatic means to end the Taliban war in Afghanistan and the Balkans failed. In response, President Bush saw Tony Blair as a positive force and a real friend in time of need. President Bush even saw Tony Blair as the prophets who forecasted that doom brougth about by the September 11 airplane attacks in New York and the Pentagon (Thomas 2005).
Further, Tony Blair's success during the elections in 1997 until 2007 was because his labour party's battle cry was "The socialist tradition upholds ethical values such as equality, social justice, fellowship, and community. Its adherents typically believe in reciprocal altruism as a condition for the highest possible moral development of all. The proper goal of political action is a moral community in which all citizens attain freedom through cooperation"(Bevir, and O'Brien 2001, 535). Tony Blair's Labour party's success was because his party believed that the socialist tradition that upholds ethical values such as social justice, equality, community and fellowship is what makes the British life more enjoyable. Tony Blair's party believes that political action is a moral community where all the United Kingdom citizens will achieve their true freedom with a secret ingredient. That secret ingredient is cooperation among all sectors of the British society. Tony Blair ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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