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Six Principles by Morgenthau - Essay Example

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Tickner has responded to the claim that international relations are dominated by realism, a claim that the author thinks is derived from a male perspective as shown by the six principles of political realism argued by Morgenthau…
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Six Principles by Morgenthau
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"Six Principles by Morgenthau"

Download file to see previous pages Morgenthau’s work “Principles of Political Realism: A Masculine Perspective?” gives six philosophic concepts of modern realism in the world, which include the importance of objectivity or rationality of decisions and interest defined in terms of power that brings rational order into politics, which is void of any emotions. The principles also describe power as an objective category that is universally legitimate, not without a fixed meaning assigned to it, and recognizes the tension that can be felt between the moral command and what may be required for a viable and triumphant political action. Morgenthau argues there are moral laws that preside over the world but being self-centred saves human beings from the excesses of morals and political idiocy. According to Tickner, the argument by Morgenthau is just a small argument of the description of international politics as it is based on assumption of the nature of human beings that are skewed towards a male point of view. Therefore as a feminist, Tickner argues that it is difficult to find a common and objective foundation for knowledge and that knowledge is only constructed socially. Consequently, the author castoffs the disagreement that supports self-sufficiency of the social sphere, arguing that personal is political. As a feminist reformulation of Morgenthau’s work, Tickner argues that there should be a dynamic objectivity that offers a more connected view of objectivity with less chance for domination and national interest is defined contextually and multi-dimensionally (Art and Jervis 22-34). Power that is in the world should not be fused with a meaning that is universally accepted and all political actions must bear moral significances. Tickner proposes that common moral elements inherent in the aspirations of human beings should be put into place in solving international conflicts and build an international community. Question Two Globalization has come with different impacts on developing nations due to the increased reliance on market driven economy currently present in the world coupled with renewed growth of private capital and other resources. The World Bank through its structural adjustment programs and other international organizations has also played role spreading globalization in developing countries. Globalization has come with it several opportunities to the developing countries as they are now able to access the markets in the developed nations plus the advantage of transfers in technology that is translated into improved productivity and living standards. However, globalization has also brought with it challenges like the increase in inequality amongst citizens in a nation, volatility in the financial markets and environmental concerns such as degradation and deterioration of the environment. Globalization may also not benefit developing countries as most of them are always removed from the process of globalizing their markets either through barriers such as trade barriers. In India, globalization has had the effect of intensifying interdependence and competition between it and other markets within the world. The increased trade in goods and services as well as services and the movement of capital can show the interdependence from one market to the other. The result of this is that domestic economic developments in the economy are not only determined by domestic policies and market conditions but also international policies. The effect of this is that most developing nations including India lose their domestic policy-making autonomy, as the policies they make must be in consonance with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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