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Classical and Structural Realism - Essay Example

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The essay "Classical and Structural Realism" is a Comparative Analysis of Classical and Structural Realism. The study of international relations has been considered as a complex phenomenon. This does not necessarily mean that it is beyond understanding. …
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Classical and Structural Realism
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Extract of sample "Classical and Structural Realism"

Download file to see previous pages This paper aims to discuss and analyze Classical and Structural Realism. It compares and contrasts these two branches of Realism. With the use of relevant examples and appropriate analysis, it is hoped that the differences and similarities between the two can be thoroughly discussed. In this analysis, the US behavior was used as a model due to the fact that it is the world’s lone superpower and is thus the main actor in the play called international relations. Before discussing Classical and Structural Realism, it is appropriate and proper to first define what Realism is. This approach provides a rational and realistic view of how international affairs are acted. It is based on the way things are done and not on the way things should be done. The way it views the world’s international affairs utilizes that of a scientific method – based on facts and not in abstract ideas, based on the analysis of the causes and consequences of the events. It is logical and not imaginary. Machiavelli captured the essence of Realism with the following statement. An example of an international event that is viewed as using the “imaginary” and “utopian” approach is that of the Kellogg –Briand Pact which outlawed any more wars. This was a consequence of the bitter experience of World War I. The proponents unrealistically assumed that war would never happen again and that the signatories would comply with what they have agreed upon. An example of a realistic view was provided by Waltz when he viewed the spread of nuclear weapons. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Classical and Structural Realism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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...? ical Realism Alternative to Liberal Internationalism s Submitted by s: (1650 words) Introduction In realism approach, there is little space for morality and sometimes it is completely absent in the theorists decisions or opinions. The realism approach strictly observes and basis its argument on realism regardless of the final outcome. In the political context, realism observes the fact that one cannot avoid thinking of how the world would have actually been, even when the normative concerns are irrelevant. Realism is also a straight forward exposure of the numerous cases where the normative arguments are important in political life. Primarily, realists emphasize on the irrelevance of morality other than in a few occasions; the classical...
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... international relations with other states. It is because of the insecurity among states that leads to war. Realism falls short in explaining the causes of war in terms of international system being categorized in different polarity. This weakness has been addressed in theories which were coined later (Evera 1999). On the other hand, neo-realism (also refereed to as structural realism) refers to the causes of war being as the result of polarity of international system. This states that international systems being categorized in bipolar and multi-polar systems have different degree of probability for being at war. Under this position, multi-polar international system which is basically formed with the inclusion of more than two countries...
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... therefore are made while keeping the national interest dear. It is however, critical to understand that this power of the States comes from the ability to accumulate military and economic power. In order to ensure that is self-interests take the priority in international relations matter, a State has to acquire military and economic power. Classical realism may seem a realistic approach in international relations however; to implement the same may not be entirely possible. The changing dynamics of world politics, globalization as well as shifting of economic powers may not allow nations to continue to dominate for longer period of time. Further, the influence of such forces may not allow complete independence to the States to design...
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...Is Neorealism (or structural realism) as superior theoretical approach to ical Realism? Affiliate Is Neorealism (or structural realism) as superior theoretical approach to Classical Realism? Introduction The study is based on the re-examination of Kenneth Waltz and Hans Morgenthau’s Theories on Of International Relations. Majority of the realists in the present era have derived their arguments from the Peloponnean War that took place in during the fifth century before Christ (BC) as narrated by Thucydides. This was a major contribution in the world f international politics. It therefore gave rise to a decorum which instituted for the introduction of the subject as an academic discipline. German-Jewish emigrant, Hans Morgenthau, who had...
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...Neoliberalism and Structural Realism: Commonalities and Differences Neoliberalists insist that the ability of s to obtain information about each other is one of the important features of international institutions, and this is important because it fosters cooperation that creates mutual dependence and decreases anarchy. Neoliberalists and structural realists are the same because they believe that anarchy is an organizing principle in international relations, while they differ because neoliberalists believe that international cooperation is possible, especially when states value economic power, not only military power, while structural realists think that international cooperation is difficult to achieve. Sharing information is important...
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... of them view delinquency as function of one individual while others describe it from the macro level of societal structure (Bernard 1984). The theories that will be presented here will be applicable to analyze of crime and delinquency in society. Society has embedded many ideas promoting the success in life. It puts a large emphasis on money, power, commodities, and material goods to prove who we are and how much one has accomplished. Unfortunately we are all given the idea that success is one universal lifestyle and we should all aim to work towards it. However, only few have the means to attain these goals. In this paper I will discuss the correlation between social classes and delinquency. It is important to find the root...
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Janina has tried for a US visa a number of times, and every time, she came home disappointed at having been denied. In the structural-functional theory, the US embassy is an institution that functions to screen prospective visitors to their country. Inherent in the structure is inequality in terms of not being able to provide a visa to everyone who applies. Since Janina is one of the unfortunate ones who was never granted a visa in all the times she tried to acquire one, her frustration has created a different meaning for the US embassy. Where before, the US Embassy has symbolized for her a gateway to fulfilling her dreams of visiting the US, her painful denials in being granted a visa has now been instrumental in it being a symbo...
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Classical Realism and Neo-Realism in International Politics

... structural theory offered by Waltz” (Crawford 2000, 75). An undoubting conviction in scientific-technical developments is the outcome (Ashley 1986). Ironically, then, neo-realism’s uniquely limited, backward, intellectual character is disguised by its predisposition with technological development. Such predisposition is strange to classical realism (ibid). III. Neo-Realism in International Politics As Waltz argues, classical realism was left “beyond the theoretical pale” (Beer & Hariman 1996, 245) by even its major theoretical self-aware advocates such as Hans Morgenthau. Waltz’s self-proclaimed assignment was hence to bring realism and international politics theory within the context of the theoretical pale (ibid...
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Art History: Catalan Chapel and Classical Greek and Republican Roman Sculpture

Characteristic of a fresco, the piece is made with secco placed on plaster and wood. Originally part of the church structure, the entire fresco was removed and went through several sales before being acquired by the Boston museum. Part of its ability to astound is its massive size. It measures approximately 21 feet at its tallest point and more than 12 feet across. Because it was originally intended to decorate the interior of a small circular area of the church, it is not flat either, but rather has a concave presentation forcing the museum to dedicate approximately 9 feet of space in depth to accommodate it. As a result of its origins and intent, as well as age and travels, the piece has sustained heavy damage, particularly alon...
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... By “By their very nature, languages have histories which reach far back in time. It is the task of historical, comparative linguistics to recover the details of that history. From the evidence of the ages, including the present, a composite picture of the linguistic past is assembled.” (Baldi, The Foundations of Latin p 1) Greek and Latin are often associated and both are academically classified as classical languages, with Greek evolving as the language of intellectual choice. The supposition that the latter derived largely from the former is a prevalent point of view and seems to have basis in fact, if one takes Diringer’s extensive analysis to heart as presented by J.B.Calvert in The Latin Alphabet, an extract of which appears...
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Similarities and Differences between Realism and Neorealism

...Similarities and Differences between Realism and Neorealism Realism has dominated the field of international relations studies for about sixty years.Realism as a concept has undergone alterations over the years, thus the emergence of different schools like the classical and neorealism or structural realism. Classical realism is the traditional realism that was associated with Hans Morgenthau while neorealism is the modern realism associated with Kenneth Waltz. The intellectual roots of realism can be traced to an ancient Greek historian called Thucydides’ on his classical chronicle of the Peloponnesian War, which took place between 460-395 B.C. However, it took almost two thousand five hundred years for the classical realists to emerge...
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American Literary Realism

... Harding Davis, and Henry James must have taken note of the literery deficiencies of the time and had been inspired to author stories that had real characters whose opinions and ideas were real in life and tended to express where they were resided (Godan para. 6). The literary works characteristic of the realism period had clear and straight forward language where characters were presented as real as possible whether fictious or real. Godan argues that, Mark Twain in his literary classics is known to use dialect which focused on the American middle class at the time (para. 6). Another factor that promoted realism literature was the fact that the authors focused on real characters that cut across all social classes of people. They revealed...
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...Monet Johnson English Composition 01/30/15 A ical Argument on Language The English language has a number of variations in the levels of the language such as dialect, vernacular, and how the language varies phonetically as a whole. The approach to speaking the English language has had a plethora of change over the course of time since its development (Auer). For example the way the average American speaks is entirely different from the way Shakespeare wrote in his time. Despite the ongoing changes on how people speak the language, many of the qualifications for certain elements of the language are still considered absolute. For instance, the definition of vernacular is, “the native language or native dialect of a particular... Johnson...
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