The difference between Realism and Neorealism - Essay Example

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Realism and neorealism are philosophies which have been much discussed in the recent times. Their differences are important to know because many aspects of international conflict and politics are mentioned within their domains…
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The difference between Realism and Neorealism
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"The difference between Realism and Neorealism"

Download file to see previous pages The neorealism ideology is an advanced link to the classic realism and this has been duly highlighted within the length of this paper. This will give an idea on how realism and neorealism are understood within a global context and how their differences have facilitated the political settings in this day and age. It will tackle the debate regarding how realism has shaped up the neorealism nuances and how neorealism differs from classic realism from the outset of such analyses. Introduction Realists are frequently faced with the consequence of being intellectually smart with Thucydides’ classic saga of the Peloponnesian War which occurred in the fifth century BC. It would date back to about 2500 years when the study of world politics started to take place as an institutionalized field of academics as well as for the initial classical realists to come about within this newly inaugurated discipline. It is important to focus on the classical form of realism as compared to neorealism which is a necessary element of the mainstream literature available today. Even though realism is different from neorealism, it would be significant to understand which of the two is an advanced form of the other one? (Waltz, 1979). Since realism is involved with the world as it essentially is as compared to how it should be, neorealism is more commonly associated with international politics as a whole. The two forms in effect suggest the distinction towards human nature (classic realism) and emphasis on international politics (neorealism). This paper highlights the two forms have their marked differences and weighs the pros and cons that come along with the same (Keohane, 1986). When this has been done, the study will find out which one is an advanced form of the other, and how the two can co-exist alongside one another to achieve a solid basis for the people who believe in such ideologies and have a comprehension regarding these from time to time. In the following paragraphs, both realism and neorealism will be explained in detail and then their differences will be highlighted upon (Wendt, 1999). Focus on Realism In order to understand what realism is, it is necessary to know what it stands for. Realism is related to some form of reality in every form of context that one studies it. When one sees realism from the domains of philosophy, it is a documentation of philosophical realism which suggests for the perspective of reality existing in freedom of some observers. Similarly, realism in arts and scientific realism is a couple of other distinctive realism’s basis which takes place in separate disciplines. It is indeed a philosophy of mind which is deeply rooted within the common sense philosophy related with perception and at times is remarked as naive realism (Mutch, 2009). This naive realism has been a manifestation of direct realism which when differentiated from representative realism gives out a perspective that human beings cannot perceive and analyze the external world in a direct fashion. Realism at times is pessimistic and concentrates upon the repeating patterns of politics backed up by power as demonstrated by recurring conflicts and rifts, the tussles and rivalries. Since this seems like a world full of negativity and immense gloom, realism is a concept that is linked in close resemblance with the balance of power as well as the security question which essentially gain essence as the chief analytical tools within the aegis of realism (Crawford, 2002). Realists give enough importance on the premise of the state within the discussions that emanate from the domains of international politics. Also they believe that the national interest gains more impressions. This is their regional ego ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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