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Is it morally acceptable to consider race and ethnicity as factors in university admissions - Essay Example

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Is it morally acceptable to consider race and ethnicity as factors in university admissions? Race and ethnicity in university admissions has been central to many debates and the role of race in the admission policy has changed greatly over the years…
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Is it morally acceptable to consider race and ethnicity as factors in university admissions
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"Is it morally acceptable to consider race and ethnicity as factors in university admissions"

Download file to see previous pages This was because racism was a major issue of concern during that period and supporting the admissions of racial minorities was considered as a step in overcoming this problem. The recent perspective for this encouragement of admissions of people from different races is the achievement of diversity in the educational institutions (Biskupic). Following the year 1978, there have been different legal proceedings on this issue and questions have been raised regarding the moral acceptability of the consideration of race and ethnicity as factors in university admissions. The year 2003 was very important in the United States with regard to the issue of consideration of races in university admissions. The Supreme Court gave a ruling that admissions in universities by utilizing race as a factor were constitutional if the selection was fair and proper methods of selection of the students were used. This ruling came in the cases relating to the University of Michigan. The court indicated two benefits of this policy which included the fact that they brought positive effects for the society and they were also associated with bringing diversity to the universities which is a very important part of the educational atmosphere. Furthermore, President Faulkner also supported this ruling and presented positive thoughts on this ruling. He explained that groups that are ignored and not properly represented would be able to come forward and become active members of the society as well (Blum; Editorial). Thus, for the betterment of the society and the proper representation of all the people, the usage of race as a factor in university admissions is acceptable. An important legal proceeding which has challenged the previous rulings of the Supreme Court is the case of Abigail Fisher. Since almost three decades, the Supreme Court supported the utilization of race as a criterion for university admissions but it is now believed that the Court might reconsider its decision. Fisher is a resident of Houston and is a white and she has filed a petition against the University of Texas at Austin by claiming that her rejection by the university was unjust and unfair. She has put forward the fact that many students coming from ethnic minorities who had educational records like her were given admission by the university. The proceedings of this case have taken place in the Supreme Court and it is feared by many university administrators that the court might issue a verdict in favor of Fisher. While awaiting the judgment on the case, administrators of educational institutions have sited their fears with regard to this issue. Marvin Krislov who is the President of the Oberlin College of Ohio has put forward these concerns by explaining that the students of minority groups would greatly reduce if the verdict comes in favor of Miss Fisher (Biskupic). Furthermore, the decision of the University of Texas was supported by many universities across the United States and universities provided their written opinions to the court to rule in favor of the University of Texas and allow it to follow its admission policies of considering race as a factor in admissions (Blum). The usage of race and ethnicity as a factor in university admissions has been banned in many states in the United States. These include California, Washington, Michigan, Nebraska and Arizona. The usage of rac ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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