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Petition to Admission Office in Order to Attend a Four-year Course at the University of Washington - Admission/Application Essay Example

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From the paper "Petition to Admission Office in Order to Attend a Four-year Course at the University of Washington" it is clear that the University of Washington has a worldwide reputation, particularly in the fields of social sciences. The quality of the curricula in the social sciences further make university attractive to the author…
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Petition to Admission Office in Order to Attend a Four-year Course at the University of Washington
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Extract of sample "Petition to Admission Office in Order to Attend a Four-year Course at the University of Washington"

Download file to see previous pages I would gain a qualification more marketable in the present economy and satisfy my own educational expectations and goals. The University of Washington has a worldwide reputation, particularly in the fields of social sciences. The work completed by such sociologists as Modelski and Thompson in International Relations, for example, added valuable research and knowledge to the field during their time at your university. The quality and relevance of the curricula in the social sciences further make your university attractive to me. While I was not eligible for acceptance to your university due to not meeting the requirements regarding two years’ study in foreign languages, I commit to completing the second year of Chinese Language study while at the University of Washington. I have noted, on your website, the specific policy regarding foreign language: “First-year (elementary) or second-year (intermediate) foreign-language credit is not granted either by examination or by course completion in a student's native language.
I will strive to become a fluent speaker of Chinese through extra Chinese language classes and have completed a course already in Beginning Chinese. My impression was that I did not have to take foreign language courses, as I am a native Korean speaker, and scored 750/800 on the SAT II Korean Language Test. Mistakenly, I accepted that this would satisfy the requirement. My understanding of the admission requirements for my selected course is very clear. It is only in the area of foreign language study that I have not completed all necessities. Further, the course which I would like to complete has an open major, and hence admission is possible without prerequisites. I am prepared to dedicate myself to the completion of the coursework and to focus on my studies, in order to graduate. And also the courses I have completed have extended my education and allowed me the opportunity to prepare, academically and personally, for the challenges of university study. I am now a motivated and disciplined student, eager to learn and work towards my clearly defined personal goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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