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Date Napoleon Introduction Napoleon Bonaparte’s is seen to have contributed immensely towards setting France on a new course domestically and internationally. His reign in France immensely influenced the political situation in the country…
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Download file to see previous pages For example, in military affairs, he managed military inventions, which were necessary for the French revolution. This included the use of mass conscription enabling the use of block tactics to enhance attacks in columns. This also helped in the elimination of supply lines enabling the French armies to be mobile (Lyons, 25). History depicts that, before the reign of napoleon, France had undergone revolutionary turmoil for over a decade. Causing instability in the government and increasing incidents of corruption. It is evident that during this period church policies were rare because they triggered inflation. The citizens of France were tired of the situation, and they desired for a stable government that would ensure the stability of their lives. These changes were brought about by napoleons reign because it is his military innovations that helped the French in to secure their government. The success of the military forces established by napoleon helped him to consolidate and hold on to power. This led to his declaration as the French emperor in the year 1804 (Lyons, 33). Politically it is evident that Napoleon was an active administrator. History depicts that the internal reforms that were put in place by Napoleon helped France in consolidating some achievements during the French revolution, enhancing the suppression of others. ...
The political impact during his reign in France is also depicted from his introduction of equality as one of the essential factors in politics. This is because he thought that by introducing the concept, he would have stayed in his position with little threat. This changed the political situation in France because all men were considered equal under his power. Some of his main accomplishments in ensuring equality in the political system are evident from the establishment of Napoleonic civil codes. This made all the men equal, however; the law despised the women because the men maintained their legal powers over the women. This had an impact on the political structure of France because the hopes that the women had towards the revolution as an improvement of their legal positions were frustrated by Napoleon (Lyons, 55). Napoleon is also seen to have made a contribution to the political structure of the French government through his introduction of nationalism. History depicts that he is one of the French leaders, who believed in nationalism as a tool that would help him obtain the loyalty of the French people during his reign. It is evident that it is this spirit of nationalism that enhanced the inspiration of the armies of the French government enabling the government to attain a remarkable series of victories. These were of enormous benefit to him as he obtained a chance to rise to power. However, this interfered with the political structure of France as it was thought to be a trick that was used, by the leader, to establish a personality cult making the French people identify him with France. This meant that by the citizens being loyal to their country France they were also being loyal to him. It is evident that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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