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The author of the paper describes the period of Napoleonic War and states that Napoleon Bonaparte did not belong to the group of ideologues; and that he saw facts through the plain glass, that he came to face the facts, worked towards them aggressively…
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Analysis of Napoleonic War Period
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Download file to see previous pages The fierce competition started as a power struggle between the two nations.

At that time, the size of Britain’s army was small and had lost many battles in the European nations. The revolution pushed France into mayhem, the ruins of which, gave rise to the most powerful army led by Napoleon Buonaparte. Napoleon was born in 1769 in a poor family. The feudal government of France received a severe blow in 1789 from almost all other European nations. This lasted for almost two decades of warfare with all the other competing empires trying to impose their view of balanced power. Consequently, many wars were fought over many large areas and were thence referred to as the First World War.

This era was divided into the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Empire. With the advent of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Revolution and the subsequent republic experienced tumbling of the French monarchy and its replacement by a series of intermittent violent civilian directions. At the peak of this period, known as “The Terror” the King and Queen were cruelly put to death. This stimulated the other European nations towards France and vowed that the resulting nation would never enjoy the cooperation of other European leaders. This is when Napoleon Bonaparte seized control of the French government. With his unusual intelligence and charisma, Napoleon started climbing steps of success one after the other.

Before moving as the French artillery officer, Napoleon struggled against French domination in Corsica, a place on the border of Europe. Napoleon was made the Lieutenant in 1792 at the age of 23. A year later, his genius personality led him to become the Brigadier-General. After two years, he was able to successfully fight the Austrian troops. Though the situation was bad for the French, Napoleon was highly confident of his abilities for battle and was given the command of French armies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Napoleonic War Period Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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