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Provide a structural explanation of the behavior of EITHER England, France, Germany, Russia, or austria-hungry in 1914 - Essay Example

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This means that any country should evaluate options before entering into a war. Indeed, the country should consider its capabilities to determine its chances of emerging victorious (Magagna,…
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Provide a structural explanation of the behavior of EITHER England, France, Germany, Russia, or austria-hungry in 1914
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Extract of sample "Provide a structural explanation of the behavior of EITHER England, France, Germany, Russia, or austria-hungry in 1914"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, this study examines the structural behavior of German in 1914.
During the period, German had a centralized well-organized system of governance guarded by a strong military combat. Studies indicate that in the 19th century Germany’s army was the world’s best. Under Bismarck authority, German had successfully challenged France in an earlier war and expanded its command to many states. Indeed, country’s command system was capable of accessing support from Austria-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria. European powers had established considerable command in Africa and India and Germany considered checking the trend. With excellent organization and strong command, the country considered that it could constructively lobby its allies to fight a common enemy to expand its command.
During the period, the prevailing situation highlighted that the force had an excellent potential of supporting a war. Extensive economic ties that included Germany and Britain as the prime protagonists characterized the period earlier to 1914. The country’s system spearheaded extensive industrial growth, superior ambitions, reputable military and terrifying conscription. The Germany observed an aggressive and expansionist oversee policies while the Britain adopted a hesitant approach. As indentified, Germany was experiencing rapid economic growth that proved to be in a position of supporting the war accordingly.
Additionally, Germany had adopted an approach of annexing lands from inferior states that lead to accumulation of resources. Importantly, Germany’s potential in maintaining a war was evident in its strong military. In the 19th century, Germany expanded its armies and navies extensively doubling the size of its standing armies in the period of 1870 to 1914. The country’s aggressive naval expansion worried other powers that felt threatened ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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