Napoleon Bonaparte has often been described as a child of enlightenment as well as the first modern dictator. In an anal - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Napoleon as a Child of the Enlightenment and the First Modern Dictator Napoleon Bonaparte is credited with developing unconventional and novel strategies in the field of military leadership. Napoleon was the Emperor of France, and he lived from 1769 to 1821…
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Napoleon Bonaparte has often been described as a child of enlightenment as well as the first modern dictator. In an essay anal
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"Napoleon Bonaparte has often been described as a child of enlightenment as well as the first modern dictator. In an anal"

Download file to see previous pages This was an indication of his devotion to the enlightenment principles. This paper describes how Napoleon was a child of enlightenment and the first modern dictator taking the Napoleonic code as an example. The enlightenment was a period of great learning in the 18th century around Europe. With scholastic and scientific advancements came the so called “opening of great minds”. Shortly after the advent of enlightenment, the revolution and civil war broke out in France from 1879 to 1899. This period required a strong leader and Napoleon’s leaning towards enlightenment’s principles captured the minds of the French, middle class (Posner 12). He displayed this in his policies and attitudes, resulting from his enlightened social reform agenda and religious ideas. Enlightenment taught principles of religious tolerance via the lessening of God and religion in everyday life. Napoleon was able to isolate himself from the devout and use religion for the furthering of his goals and political ideas. For example, he took the religion of the lands that he conquered. In France, he was a Catholic, but in Egypt, he took up Islam. It is difficult to reconcile whether Napoleons political acumen was his source of enlightenment or whether the enlightenment made him a political strategist (Posner 16). Regardless, Napoleon is considered a despot of the enlightenment. Though, by today’s standards, Napoleon’s ideals, such as a puppet parliament and clergy would seem unenlightened, the 18th century enlightenment despot was one able to introduce rational thought and reform while ignoring the minority. Napoleon’s most interesting enlightened social reform involved the institution of a law system that treated the citizens as individuals, without recognition of social class. Napoleon also instituted enlightenment principled reforms in the education sector by promoting scholarships for those with scholastic promise, as education became increasingly important in the enlightenment world. His enlightenment era actions and ideas led to the codified law system that was embraced all over Europe and continues to influence constitutions all over the world to date. Napoleon was a child of the enlightenment who followed the ideas that the period presented through his strategy and policies. Napoleon can be considered as the first modern dictator. Most dictators usually come to power during war or a state of emergence, just as Napoleon did. As an army general during the French Revolution, France witnessed a period of great political and social upheaval. From 1789, France evolved from being a monarchy to a republic and finally to an empire. In the middle of bloody coups, executions and confusion, Napoleon rose to high consul in the provisional government (Woloch 34). Because of his status as an undefeated commander, he enjoyed great popularity. He went on to write the Napoleonic code, which is still the basis for French civil law to this day. After abolishing the senate, Napoleon continued with the reformation of the constitution and named himself emperor and consul for life (Woloch 37). Napoleon controlled all facets of French government and possessed a dense network of spies. Additionally, he also controlled the press and ensured that his views and policies were the focus of the media. After he had brought peace to Europe in the year 1802, napoleon started to leave ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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