History of Wireless Electricity - Research Paper Example

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The history of power transmission goes back to earl work of Heinrich Hertz because he is the one who did not only show transmission of electromagnetic signals and waves around the earth by making use of wide-ranging setting with a flash gap for creating high-frequency energy transmission and receiving at the receiver end however he had also made use of parabolic reflectors at both the receiving and transmitting ends of the communication (Brown, 1984)…
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History of Wireless Electricity
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"History of Wireless Electricity"

Download file to see previous pages When Maxwell presented a theory about electro-magnetic theory it stimulated the scientific environment and scientific investigators from all over the world started to look for its experimental proof or authentication. In fact, the scientists and investigators were sure about that it can be survived and achieved in an environment of keen anticipation, strangely encouraging to the response of any proof to this conclusion. Without a doubt, the history of science reveals that ideas and concepts are unpreserved. In fact, every new idea and concept beings improved perspective and understanding of nature and the environment and as a result of this improvement our thoughts and concepts are adapted and improved (Tesla, 2006; Bomber, 2006; Shinohara, 2010). Actually, in the 1891, Dr. Hertz did not present a new theory or an opinion. On the other hand, he just presented his ideas regarding equipment and how it supports to the theory which had already been presented by some other scientists. If we would have taken notice of it then it was not surprising that an electric circuit, processed through an interrupted current, release a wide variety of space signals, however nobody else ever tried to understand their character. So, Dr. Hertz was the first who actually presented a practical authentication that there were transversal signals and waves in the atmosphere. In this scenario, the majority of people considered this thought as his huge achievement. However, in actual fact it can be seen that the eternal value of this theory or idea was not so much in this theory as in the getting the concentration of investigators on the actions are being performed in the ambient means Hence, it gave the Hertz-wave theory a huge importance in the history of wireless energy transmission, in view of the fact that its charming control over the thoughts, had hushed resourceful endeavor in the wireless energy sector as well as retained it for more than twenty-five years (Tesla, 2006; Bomber, 2006; Shinohara, 2010). However, in contrast, it does not seem feasible to allow too much for the positive and valuable consequences of the influential motivations that it has given in a number of fields. In fact, with regards to the transmission of signals and wires without using wires, the use of these radiations of this operation was absolutely clear. In addition, many times Dr. Hertz was asked the questions about the feasibility and usefulness of such kind of transmission model, and he never thought so, however in the end he was accurate in his prediction. In this scenario, one of the best ways that someone might have anticipated was a way of transmission of signals and communication like the heliographic and causes to experience the same or even more restrictions (Tesla, 2006; Bomber, 2006; Shinohara, 2010). Figure 1Tesla Tower, Image Source: (Mohammed, Ramasamy, & Shanmuganantham, 2010) It was the spring of 1891 when Dr. Nikola Tesla delivered a presentation using a high frequency machine at the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) at Columbia College. This demonstration actually formed the basis of an original and hopefully departure. Even though, at that time there had been presented a large number of theories and laws on the subject of electrical resonance, however none of the theory actually focused on experimental and practical authentication of these facts. Hence, it is believed that the experiments performed by Dr. Nikola Tesla are believed to be the first public demonstration ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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