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David Hatcher: Nikola Tesla On Free Energy And Wireless Transmission Of Power - Book Report/Review Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to analyze The Tesla Papers: Nikola Tesla on free energy & wireless transmission of power. The author considers Nicola Tesla as a developer of some of the most wondrous inventions of the 20th century, helping to revolutionize the world through light and spark…
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David Hatcher: Nikola Tesla On Free Energy And Wireless Transmission Of Power
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Extract of sample "David Hatcher: Nikola Tesla On Free Energy And Wireless Transmission Of Power"

Download file to see previous pages Edison fought against his AC current to the point of creating a circus of horrors that he used to try to propagandize away the idea, yet the common form of current used is Tesla’s alternate current. Tesla invented the radio before Marconi and won in court the right to the patent and claim, yet history still remembers Marconi over Tesla as its inventor. Tesla discovered how to transmit energy wirelessly, transmitting sound and images long before it was used commercially. He discovered the basis of microwave energy as well as the electric igniter for gasoline engines. Yet the name of Tesla is not on the lips of most school-age children when discussing the inventors of the past. Tesla was actively erased from history, his work taken from him and his genius largely ignored.
J. P. Morgan and Thomas Edison created a campaign to discredit the ideas of Tesla. Childress (2000) that Edison “was a thief, employing all kinds of people for their brains, he stole their inventions, their ideas, so much so, that it is unclear today what Edison actually invented, and what was stolen for others” (p. 16). The proof that Childress (2000) presents to support his condemnation of Edison is that in order to fight Tesla after he left him to pursue the AC form of electricity delivery, Edison went out on the road to give demonstrations of its danger by electrocuting everything from puppies to elephants. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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