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Tesla Car Fires - Research Paper Example

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The technology is ingenious as the company enjoyed a monopoly in the region in the production of green electric cars. The company’s Tesla Roadster gained widespread attention for being…
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Tesla Car Fires
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Extract of sample "Tesla Car Fires"

Download file to see previous pages However, the company’s reputation dwindled in October 2013 when a model S caught fire in Kent, Washington.
Investigations into the fire determined that the fire broke out at the car’s battery pack especially after a metal struck the battery pack. The discovery thus portrayed the cars as risky a feature that would later result in a reduction of the company’s market share. Negative reputation hampers the profitability of a business (Burrow & Jim, 2009). As the new marketing consultant, the car manufacturing company requires effective marketing strategy in order to reposition its products strategically in order to rebuild its reputation in order to enjoy its dwindling market share. Key among the marketing activities that the company must undertake is to reconstruct the consumer confidence in the products. Prior to the fires, the American car consumer preferred the company’s products because of its fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs among many other features. Unfortunately, the accidents revealed that the same factors [resented substantial safety concern that resulted in the dwindling market share.
The company carried out an investigation into the fires and made public its findings. Such was a bold undertaking that portrayed the management of the company as integral individuals who care for their consumers. The company must therefore now engage its target market in effective processes meant to rebuild the confidence of the consumers. Key among such is to investigate the cause of fire and address it effectively. This will include recalling all the cars with a similar battery packs. The company must redesign the battery packs and cushion the consumers from similar fires. In fact, the company must reinvent the engine of the car and ensure that the consumers of the products are safe. After redesigning the engine of the car and safeguarding the safety of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Tesla Car Fires Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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