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The changing of a product among the years - Assignment Example

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Cars have been around as a reasonably priced product for a long time, of course, well before the 1940s had happened. Since World War II, however, a number of drastic improvements have been made to the car so…
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"The changing of a product among the years"

Download file to see previous pages However, after that point when the war ended, and America became more prosperous again, car production increased even faster than it had in the past due to all the demand that had built up during the war years and the fact that people had "several years worth of savings to spend" ("The History of 1940s Cars").
A few of the important changes that had happened after the wars end included the following. The efficiency of cars increased in terms of new technology like tires, better gas filters, and other newer developments that had been researched at war time ("The History of 1940s Cars"). In the 1950s, there was a big focus on modern designs and an increase in the speed of cars, and cars became sleeker looking and a lot of things we consider essential today like air conditioning were introduced for the first time ("Cars in the 1950s").
Cars are particularly interesting because of the rapid increases that have happened even in the past three or four years. Unlike some other products, cars are always being improved upon. For example, there is a company today called Tesla which builds completely electric cars, and their car the Tesla S could be "set to herald a sea change" in the design of cars completely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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