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The paper “Home Automation Using Wireless Sensor Networks and Biosensors” seeks to evaluate home automation, which refers to the use of systems that use different technologies to equip parts of the home with a more intelligent monitoring and remote control…
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Home Automation Using Wireless Sensor Networks and Biosensors
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Download file to see previous pages However, a breakthrough in home automation was reached in 2001 where Van Berlos employed staff for home automation and built the smartest home in the Netherlands. Through collaboration with several participants, a demonstration home was opened in Tilburg by the end of 2001 (Smart homes, 2011, pp.123-156)
Home automation is carried out using electrical devices, which require to be integrated with some form of communication protocols. These protocols usually operate over power line infrared or radiofrequency wireless communication technologies. Powerline communication uses the normal household electrical power wiring as the transmission medium without installation of additional control wiring. Transmission of the coded information over the AC transmission lines limits its ability to carry higher frequencies. The most prominent hindrances to power line communication are electrical noise and the propagation problem (Rovsing, 2011, pp.303-327).
Wireless communication systems such as the radio-frequency technology are less expensive than the wired systems, easier installation and maintenance the limiting factors of power line communication are eliminated. Where there is a two-way flow of information, infrared has been used as the point-to-point control of flow. Non-interchangeability of the universal remotes has limited their use in home automation even though they have been around for a longer time (Chong & Kumar, 2003, pp.1247-1256).
The emerging technology, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), which is a wireless network, consisting of a potentially large set of small and smart sensor nodes equipped with a processing unit, storage capacity, and sensing unit for sensing physical phenomena. WSN sensing physical phenomena include temperature and pressure, which plays an important role in implementing automated systems in homes.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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