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In this paper, Brown discusses a detailed history of wireless energy transmission. Basically, this paper presents the history of wireless energy transmission by taking into consideration the growth rate of energy frequencies. I plan to…
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Wireless Electricity
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Team Letter Section Reference Review Assignment Brown, W. C. (1996). The history of wireless power transmission. Solar Energy, Volume 56 Issue pp.3-21.
This is a journal paper written by Brown. In this paper, Brown discusses a detailed history of wireless energy transmission. Basically, this paper presents the history of wireless energy transmission by taking into consideration the growth rate of energy frequencies. I plan to use this paper as a basis for getting an overview of some of the basic concepts associated with wireless energy transmission. I will use some of its parts to discuss the history and developments in the field of wireless transmission.
Burali, Y. N., & Patil, C. B. (2012). Wireless Electricity Transmission Based On Electromagnetic and Resonance Magnetic Coupling. International Journal Of Computational Engineering Research (, Volume 2 Issue 7, pp. 48-51.
This is a research paper which was published in the international journal. This paper presents a detailed analysis of wireless transmission and various associated concepts. This paper is a good source for developing the base for the research. This paper also discusses some of issues with wireless transmission. In the start, authors differentiate between wireless and wired medium of energy transmission.
Bussel, R. v., Franken, J., Golchin, S., & Leijenaar, R. (2007). MDP 1: Wireless Power Supply. Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, University of Technology.
This is a detailed project report presented by four students. This report presents a detailed analysis of wireless energy transmission. In this report, authors discuss different applications of wireless energy transmission. In this scenario, they analyze these applications on the basis on certain parameters such as user-friendliness, sustainability, economical and technological feasibility and health and safety.
Mandal, T. K. (2006). Wireless Transmission of Electricity – Development and Possibility. Sixth International Symposium Nikola Tesla. Belgrade, SASA, Serbia.
This paper discusses a wide variety of methods and technologies exist up to now for wireless transmission of electricity and the need for a Wireless System of Energy Transmission. They also discuss their advantages, disadvantages and economical consideration. This paper also discusses the history of wireless transmission.
Mohammed, S. S., Ramasamy, K., & Shanmuganantham, T. (2010). Wireless Power Transmission – A Next Generation Power Transmission System. International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 1 Issue 13, pp. 100-103.
This paper discusses a detailed analysis of technologies available for wireless energy transmission. The paper is based on finding a solution to deal with energy losses that occur in case of wireless transmission due to the wireless nature of this energy transmission.
Purwar, P. (2011). Wireless Electricity Transmission. Greater Noida: Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology.
This is a thesis that is presented by a graduate student for the completion of his graduation in electrical engineering. This thesis is a complete guide for wireless electricity transmission. This thesis discusses almost every aspect of wireless energy transmission and other associated factors. This paper also discusses a detailed history of wireless electricity and recent developments in this area. Read More
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...of semiconductors converting rays from the sun into electricity (direct currents). These semiconductors consist of arrays and modules that makes it possible to charge batteries using direct currents. Besides, they operate other electric generation materials like motors and loads. However, the PVs may also be ustilised in the production of alternating current when appropriate appliances are utilised. According to Knier (2002), photovoltaics uses the atomic level to convert light directlt into the generation of electricity. These involve using materials that can absorb light photons and later release electrons, such materials are said to have photoelectric effect. The capturing of the...
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