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Global Health - Assignment Example

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This study therefore focuses on fork medicine, which remains common in most traditional towns in Finland. In this case, fork medicine or rather traditional medicine entails knowledge systems, which have been developing over generations before modern medicine…
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Global Health
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"Global Health"

Download file to see previous pages As the research stresses as part of traditional healing services, fork medicine entails healing ideas and practices of health and physiology preservation. In most cases, the practice remains common in few cultures and is mostly transmitted through practices and knowledge by specific individuals’ having prior experience. In Finland’s traditional towns and cultures, fork medicine providers are always trained by prior to fork medicine practices. Anybody in Finland can be a traditional healer.
As the paper explores the process depends on various aspects. In most cases, traditional healers are chosen from the community. In some cases, traditional healers tend to inherit the practice from family members who were once healers. An individual must also undergo formal training and initiation by experienced healers. Training sessions is mostly conducted at home where the healing process takes place. On the other hand, the training period depends on how the healer feels the trainee is ready. The number of female and males practicing the service also vary. Clientele seeking traditional healing services especially the fork medicine services mostly depends with people’s location in the country. In some cases, it depends with cultural beliefs and traditions. Most people from rural regions in Finland prefer using the services due to their economic situations. It is evident that herbal remedies are important especially in improving health. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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