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6-2 - Case Study Example

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Policy: The facility shall resolve grievances promptly and adequately, respond to other opinions in a well-timed manner, and engage the complaint response process to assist in identifying and eliminating the primary causes of client dissatisfaction, and as a method of…
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Case 6-2
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Extract of sample "6-2"

Policy and Procedure for Service Policy: The facility shall resolve grievances promptly and adequately, respond to other opinions in a well-timed manner, and engage the complaint response process to assist in identifying and eliminating the primary causes of client dissatisfaction, and as a method of discovering new prospects for incessant improvement.
All our clients will be treated evenly and moderately, regardless of age, ethnic background, or psychological or physical capacity, (Moore 37).
Telephone Guideline: It is every worker’s responsibility to answer the telephone when it rings three times.
“On Hold” Calls: Employees should seek the caller’s consent to put the call on hold.
Transferring Calls: No calls should be immediately transferred to a voice messaging box without the caller’s consent.
Voice Mail Greetings: A voice message must give adequate information to callers so that they can decide whether to leave a message, ask for help or call back later, and should be updated routinely.
Messages: The management should check the voice mailbox frequently and empty messages accordingly.
Internal Use of Voice Messaging: Employees are allowed to use voice messaging to respond to others in the facility.
Director: Must ensure that staff responsible for voice messaging and returning telephone calls maintains acceptable levels of voice mail messaging and phone calls or dealing controversial customer complaints.
Coding Supervisor: Must identify voice messaging, calls, or customer mode of communication that affect the coding assignment and document the issue together with the policy that pertain coding policy and procedure.
ROI Coordinator: Shall monitor voice messages, telephone calls, and reports for walk-in clients.
Transcription Supervisor: Shall develop and maintain organization policy and procedures to ensure conformity with legal requirements for voice messaging, calls and appropriate customer service.
Transcriptionists: Shall promptly convert voice messages in staff voice mailbox and telephone calls and make reports as dictated by the physician.
Coders: Shall read and comprehend private payer rules and government directives to ensure accurate coding and billing.
Chart Completion Supervisor: Shall ensure that the entire personnel on the shift are conversant with the emergency response procedure and conduct regular drills.
HIM File Clerks: Shall be the custodian of critical customer information and review voice mailbox regularly.
Secretary: Shall answer telephone calls promptly, greet walk-in clients, and organize them to meet managers as well as responding to voice messages.

Work Cited
Moore, Mary Y. The Successful Library Trustee Handbook. Chicago: American Library Association, 2010. Internet resource. Read More
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Case 6-2 Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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