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Healthy food can be unhealthy for your wallet - Essay Example

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This essay describes that healthy eating is essential for the maintenance of good health. Apart from protecting a person from nutritional diseases, healthy eating enhances the building of a person’s body. However, the consumption of healthy food is associated with utilization of a lot of money…
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Healthy food can be unhealthy for your wallet
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Download file to see previous pages Healthy foods are associated with the desired nutrients by the body. According to Michele Obama, healthy foods constituted of fresh fruits and vegetables in their time. It is as a result of this assertion that greens, as well as fruits, are very expensive today. The farmers, as well as the businessmen, know that these types of foods are in high demand in the market. As a result of this, they hike their prices in order to make a profit. In her speech, Michele also claimed that parents at her time used to cover long distances in search of healthy foods such as lettuce and fresh fruits for their children. From Michele’s assertion, one can deduce that the access to healthy foods is associated with a lot of expenses. For instance, for one to access fruits, he or she has to spend some amount of money as fare to the market. Additionally, the preparation of healthy foods is also very involving; it requires the observance of step by step procedures. It is as a result of such expenses that healthy foods are un-pocket friendly today.In the past, majority of the parents had small pieces of farms for fruits and vegetables. The availability of the fruits and vegetables in the backyards not only reduced the proximity of the healthy foods, but also made them very available. Unlike in the past, very few people have backyards for vegetables and fruits today. The rise in population, as well as advancement in technology, has led to the diversion of land use to other practices. It is as a result of this that healthy foods are very scarce in the market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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