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Finding Partners - Coursework Example

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I have a health issue that I have to eradicate from my community. AIDS have been spreading so fast in my community from one person to another. It has left many orphans, people living with poor health conditions, some left with no strength to go out…
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Finding Partners
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Download file to see previous pages They will also be encouraged that having AIDS is not the end of everything they should go on and fight for their lives. As a public health officer, I will need help from different people such as, other local health officers, church bishop, politicians, school principal, and government officer in land department. I will also need help from; mahindi investments, NGOS, university in health departments, eldowers and radio presenter from a local station. With the help of this people, I will be able to eliminate AIDS from my community leaving my people healthy and fit.
Bishop Njenga will be instrumental in encouraging and advising the victims living with HIV/AIDS. He will also assist in reducing the level of stigmatization of AIDS patients within the community. The Catholic Church has particular interest in helping the sick and the needy. This is the main reason why the bishop, as a representative of the Catholic Church, will heed to join this mission.
Mr. Kibwana will be instrumental in this project by assigning the AIDS victims with a portion of land provided by the government to support people living with the disease. The government is keen on ensuring that the people living with the disease have equal opportunities within the society, such as the right to land ownership, which some of them usually lose owing to the high level of stigmatization within the community. Mr. Kibwana will be an interested partner in this project because it will assist him in identifying people living with HIV/AIDS in the community.
Mr. Musyoka will be instrumental in this project by providing the necessary funds needed to undertake the project. The city of Sirare is on a heightened initiative to create HIV/AIDS awareness within the community owing to the high rate of victims who succumb to the disease. For instance, the immediate former town mayor died of HIV/AIDS. As such, this project ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Finding Partners Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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