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Alcohol consumption - Literature review Example

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Young adults are more easily subjected to alcohol consumption due to their tender age and curiosity. Research on drinking motives in young people had been…
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Alcohol consumption
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Extract of sample "Alcohol consumption"

Download file to see previous pages The personality factors of young people have an influence on the drinking motive.
One of the reasons for motivating a young person to drink is anxiety. A person with anxiety most often has fear and feels difficulty in coping with lives. So they drink in order to ease their situation and get some relaxation. Anxiety can be due to many reasons like relationship problems, stress or illness. While drinking gives a soothing effect, the person may gain control over inner experience. According to ( Hardy,2011) In the study, which included a nationally representative sample of 34,653 American adults, 13% of the people who had consumed alcohol or drugs in the previous year said theyd done so to reduce their anxiety, fear, or panic about a situation. When people are young they have less ability to cope up with anxiety, fear and panic and hence they get motivated to consume alcohol.
Social reasons are another motivation which induces alcohol consumption among young people. People across the culture drink alcohol for social or enhancement reasons as a sense of enjoyment. In many culture around people drink on festivals, rituals occasions, custom requisite and gatherings. In European and American culture drinking wine is a daily affair and youngsters get more inclined to drink alcohol at tender age. When young people gather for functions, party, festivals and on weekend they tend to join their friends who are drinking and often get motivated. So every gathering they get motivated to drink if some of the friends in the group are drinking and it slowly becomes a habit. As per Hoops( 2011, pg.135-142) “It is widely believed that peer pressure has many effects on students, particularity in the use of drugs and alcohol”.
Young people also drink alcohol to enhance their personality. At young age people go through much transition on emotional and physical basis and alcohol is a way to give them emotional strength. Also young people think that drinking ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alcohol Consumption Literature Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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