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Paper on Upper Limb - Essay Example

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The Flexor pollicis brevis muscle emanates from the distal periphery of flexor retinaculum that is not visible on cadaver 22 but seen on cadaver 37 and trapezium bone in human wrist. Further, the proximal phalanx inserts it into the radial side of the thumb. Additionally, this…
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Paper on Upper Limb

Download file to see previous pages... The emanation of trapezium is palpable but it cannot be seen because it inserts deep to the lateral side of first metacarpal nerve. The median nerve where innervation occurs is seen on cadever 37 but not on 22.
The abductor pollicis brevis muscle acts as an abductor of human thumb. This muscle is thin, flat and situated under the skin. Further, this muscle emanates from scaphoid bone and flexor retinaculum which is not seen on cadaver 22 but visible on cadaver 24. Additionally, this muscle is innervated by median nerve found on human hand. This median nerve innervation is not seen on cadaver 22 but on cadaver 24 (Yokochi and Rohen 57).
Opponens digiti minimi muscles are triangular in shape, and are located at the base of abductor minimi digiti, flexor brevis minimi digiti, and Palmaris brevis. It originates from the hamate bone and carpal ligament (seen on cadaver 37 but not on 22). It is inverted by ulnar nerve. These muscle moves the fifth metacarpal on the carpometacarpal joint.
Abductor digiti minimi muscle is located on the ulnar of the palm of human hand. This muscle emanates from pisiform bone, flexor retinaculum and pisohamate ligament which is seen on cadaver 37 but not on 22. It inserts into the proximal phalanx and the palmar bone of metacarpophalangeal joint of the fifth finger. It is innervated by deep ulnar nerve seen on cadaver 24 but not on 22. The abductor digit minimi develops from primordial muscle at an early age.
Flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle moves the fifth finger. It originates from convex layer of hamate bone seen on cadaver 24 but not on 22, and palmer layer of flexor retinaculum seen on cadaver 24 but not on 22. It is inserted at the ulnar side by first phalanx of the fifth finger. Innervation is by ulnar nerve (Lederman and Lynette 311-12).
The central compartment of human hand has the adductor pollicis and lumbrical muscles. The adductor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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