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The following essay headlined "Informatics and Application Systems in Health Care" concerns the use of information technology in order to make the nursing profession more efficient. Reportedly, there are many ways in which technology can be used nowadays in order to do this…
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Informatics and Application Systems in Health Care
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Extract of sample "Informatics and Application Systems in Health Care"

Download file to see previous pages First, we will identify what that includes. It will also be specified the benefits of that integration, and what problem this solution would address.
A nurse, in a very short amount of time, must sort out various sensory data throughout a typical day in a hospital. The staff in an office, a doctor, and a patient could all benefit from the nurse’s technical savvy.
Here, the idea presented or put forth is to have a nurse trained in information technology. This would be so that the patient’s hospital records and the doctor’s records would be in sync with each other.
Nursing informatics uses a variety of information technologies in order to make transitions like this smoother. Such a transition between office, doctor, and the patient would be made smoother if the medical records were kept up with correspondingly.
Oftentimes secretaries in doctor’s offices use paper files. That means that every time a patient’s file must be pulled, the secretary has to go to a separate office and retrieve the paper manila folder.
This is how things are currently being done in a lot of places. It might almost make sense to have all of these old files digitized by a company that would come in and types in all the information of the patients on-site.
If the patient’s records were available immediately on-site, this would be ideal. Additionally, any records that would be needed in a hospital setting could be accessed from some database, which would be readily available.
The files would be right there for the people in the office to browse at their leisure. If the patient had a question, he or she could ask a question about something in their file and receive an answer immediately instead of having to wait for a long time to receive an answer to their question.
As can be seen here, the ability of the office staff, the patient, and the doctor to all do their jobs is directly proportionate to the way in which the office is run.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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