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Nurses provide a continuity of care throughout the life span of an individual in need. They deliver physical, psychological, intellectual, spiritual and…
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Phase II-Communication Skills-Questionaire
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1. Commitment to the nursing profession with evidence of work, volunteer activities and related work in the profession? The nurse has indispensable role to play in health care setting alone and along with the other health care professionals. Nurses provide a continuity of care throughout the life span of an individual in need. They deliver physical, psychological, intellectual, spiritual and social well being to the sick and the needy. My work experience demonstrates consistent achievement of organizational objectives and goals. I have been exposed to various responsibilities, which has offered him the best background. I have worked in various capacities in the business office of the surgery center to working in insurance verification to surgery scheduling and now working as a materials manager. I was able to manage the procurement process, maintain monthly reports and evaluate all cost effective alternatives, as well as successfully network with the many diverse personalities of the physicians schedules. My valuable contributions with the past employers speak about my personality and attitude towards work. I have proven ability in motivating and interacting effectively with all levels of staff and management.
2. Describe traits/qualities that show your suitability to a career in nursing?
The field of nursing deals with the caring of people of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick or well and in all settings. This profession is regarded as the backbone of our healthcare system. I have diverse skill sets such as mutual respect, good communication, cooperation, coordination, share responsibility required to become successful manager as well as to create a good team. I am capable to take good and fast decisions in demanding situations. I have ability to react quickly and take instant decision when needed, and can think laterally and work under pressure. I have always been attracted towards scope and difficulty of tasks, decision-making competencies, room for independent action, job variability, ownership, work conditions and environment
3. Explain unique attributes that you would bring to the School of Nursing and the profession if admitted?
I have consistently demonstrated the necessary skills in the past to handle the intense academic work required in the nursing program. Nursing profession contributes in promotion of well being of a person by prevention of illness, helping doctors in treatment procedures, and taking patients care of ill, disabled and dying people. Nursing also aids in various other aspects of health care setting including promotion of a safe environment, research and development, participation in shaping health policy and in patient and health systems management, and preparation of educational materials. Cohesive efforts and collaborative knowledge of nurse and physician brings clinical success in terms of patient’s positive outcome. I would be a strong addition to your Business School. My optimistic and enthusiastic attitude has motivated me further to accomplish in various areas as a true nursing professional. . I believe that this unique blend of experiences has made me a woman with an original point of view. I believe that being a part of your department would not only enhance my career opportunities, but also help him realize his maximum potential. This will give him a chance to experience in truly State-of art Infrastructure to refine my knowledge and skills and give direction to my goal of a career.
4. Describe, using examples, on ways you would communicate with a distressed patient, family member of patient, peer?
Artistic nature of nursing profession is exhibited through nurse’s skilled techniques while providing optimal care for the patients. The nurses are committed to helping at the most critical times in an individual’s life right from happy moments like birth to sad incidences like demise. The nurses assist the patients to cope with illness, emergencies and chronic disorders. Nurse should be sensitive and have basic understanding about the handling of varied personalities having different temperaments, cultures, values, beliefs, religions, and behaviors. Nurses should be equipped with the all the needed information to complete all the tasks to work with the patients, families and colleagues in a safe, efficient manner. Along with this, human compassion, interest in and commitment to nursing are the major factors for continual education and training in nursing. I am kind and helpful to the patients needing extra attention and explanations. I am reliable, knowledgeable and open minded. I am aware of my duties, responsibilities in this ‘high touch’ profession. In some circumstances where nurse has more knowledge about the patient, her moral responsibility is to communicate the information to physician. For example, when the patient’s condition is changing or patient is unstable, nurse is always there at the bedside. Therefore, she has more knowledge about the situation, than the physician who might be busy in the office or attending other patient. At some time, the nurse might have more education and training to handle certain conditions of patient. The nurse might establish good rapport with the patient and his/her family. Some patients might not be comfortable with the physician to communicate any problems. In such circumstances, the nurses have more accurate clinical suggestion based on wisdom and experience.
5. What study and testing skills and time management strategies have you used in prior educational experiences?
I have been able to maintain a fantastic GPA which is reflective of my academic potential. I am highly individualistic, competitively aggressive, as well as self reliant and self assertive. I would like to thrive at a professional level in intellectually stimulating environment. After a year of working as secretary of surgical services for my current boss, when I happened to mention my desire to pursue nursing, she took it upon herself to guide and help me through the process of college application. The position exposed me further to healthcare, and as a consequence gave supplementary reinforcement to my earlier interests in nursing. I was not contented anymore to stay on the sidelines doing administrative functions, and since then I have been working towards that goal. To deal effectively with the issues of patients nurse should have multiple skills. I have learnt desired skills, behaviors and characteristics like teamwork, conflict management, communication, flexibility, right attitude that are critical to have a trusting, positive impact on patients and doctors. The attitude of the nurse affects their daily judgments, decisions, and effectivity. It is necessary to synthesize the required attitude, patient-focused systematic approach and purposeful clinical learning to deliver the needed result. The respectful, understanding, trusting positive social attitude has positive outcome on patients. I care for patients with the detail and attention of a skilled clinician as well as provide them with the unique understanding and compassion they deserve. I have assisted in the development of improved procedures, workflow, and cost reduction programs.
I have made obstacles as stepping stone in my life to inculcate the desired skills and right attitude to achieve the dream. I have survived up to this far because of genuineness and, I believe spontaneously created, strong faith and belief Read More
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