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How intermediate language students in the Uk are tought colloqiula Arabic - Essay Example

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THE MAIN PURPOSE BEHIND THE GROUP DISCUSSION: A questionnaire comprised of 9 questions was made which was used a tool for conducting group discussion among 7 young aged students. These questions gave the complete insight on what basis the students opt for the learning of colloquial Arabic, how much command they possess, do they emphasize solely on speaking, or reading and writing of Arabic holds the equal importance to them and last but not the least how would they benefit themselves from acquiring the command on colloquial Arabic; the main purpose behind the learning…
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How intermediate language students in the Uk are tought colloqiula Arabic
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Download file to see previous pages How Many Languages do they know: - Two students being from a complete different background( Pakistan and Somalia) know English besides their native languages. -Two out of five English students, do not know or have command on any other language other then English. -Three out of five English students hold a firm grip on other languages as well. -They have flair of learning different languages. THE PURPOSE BEHIND LEARNING OF COLLOQUIAL ARABIC: - Two students from Pakistan and Somalia made it a religious need to have the better understanding of Arabic in order to have a sound grip on religion. -Four out of five English students showed that they were interested in learning Arabic because they have flair of learning different languages which would give them a better idea of understanding the Arabic culture as well as this would help them in understanding the better political scenario of middle-east. - One out of five English Students showed that the basic purpose behind learning Arabic would help in getting a better job. It has been observed that Arabic is considered as one of the most important languages in the world as well as it has been set as an important official language in various international organizations around the world. OTHER ANALYSIS ON THE LEARNING PATTERN OF COLLOQUIAL ARABIC OF FIVE ENGLISH STUDENTS: - It has been found out that all these seven students have been studying and learning Arabic from last 2 years except for one who has been learning from 9 months. -Four out of seven students have never visited any Arab state whereas only three students have visited UAE and the Kingdom of Morocco for meeting relatives and found it imperative to know Arabic in order to know well about the Arab culture and civilization. -These results also made it clear the interests of these students very clear that how much they are interested in learning Arabic and to what extent they are willing to learn. Five out of two English students showed their interest in learning Arabic for speaking and writing purposes in order to get a job where this skill would help them to excel and progress in future. Whereas on the other hand, other two English students showed their interest in learning the Arabic for speaking purpose only which would help them in socializing with other people from the world particularly from Arab countries. Just one English student opted Arabic in order to read well the history of Middle Eastern countries. While the other two students want to learn Arabic for having better understanding of Quran and visiting other Arab countries. HOW MUCH TIME DO THEY GIVE IN IMPROVING THEIR COLLOQUIAL ARABIC AND WHAT IMPROVEMENT THEY NEED? -It has been found out from the group discussion that these seven students give a little time in improving their colloquial Arabic such as once a week or follow the standard timing as per set by the classes. - However, they still made it clear that they require more time in practicing the colloquial Arabic as it is not their native language and still they find it hard to use it on the regular basis outside their classrooms. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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