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Preparing a Questionnaire for ESP Students - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Preparing a Questionnaire for ESP Students” the author analyzes the importance of training to employees. Since the first-ever discovery of oil in the Middle East the competition in the region is getting fierce and huge investments are being directed towards the exploitation of ‘Black Gold’…
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Preparing a Questionnaire for ESP Students
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Extract of sample "Preparing a Questionnaire for ESP Students"

Download file to see previous pages Trends in employee training have shown an upward shift in the past decade and a huge budget is being spent on it, in the meantime with the advent of increasingly sophisticated technology training is no longer a choice but a need.
Omani Government realizes that in order to achieve the conceived goals of development it is significant for the workforce of the most productive sector, Petroleum, to be motivated. And a key aspect of motivation as identified by the experts of Human Resource Management is Employee Training. With this view in mind, PDO under the surveillance of the Sultan is making huge monetary investments for reshaping its workforce.
Technical expertise has been imported from the Western World to meet this end and importance is being attached to the coaching of the mechanical staff in view of the future prospects.
Emphasis on English and IT
Training to employees is a growing trend in PDO and worker welfare programs appealing to different employee groups are being introduced consistently. Developments in this context include the Training to Young Omanis (TYO) program for young graduates and the Omani Technician Training Program (OTTP) for field technicians.
An interesting aspect that can be highlighted in the above-mentioned programs is the emphasis laid on the training in English and IT departments irrespective of the employee rank and needs. PDO recognizes English and IT proficiency as the traits necessary for the 21st Century employee and it, therefore, emphasizes on training its employees in these courses.
Moreover, the stress on English Language training can also be understood from the fact that English is the global language. It is understood and spoken even in areas where it is not native thus in order to go worldwide it is pre-eminent that PDO’ s workforce should have a solid grasp on the English Language so as to readily communicate with its foreign customers and trainers.
In the meantime, the lack of technical expertise available in Oman calls for the import of talent from abroad. This would ultimately mean the inflow of foreigners who would be incapable of speaking or understanding the local language. Thus the only way possible to communicate with these professionals and extract technical expertise would be through dialogue in English, hence training in the language became essential. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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