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Case study about ( investigation for individual learning style,strategies, motivation and needs) - Essay Example

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It reports data about the language learning needs, motivation, styles and strategies of second language learner female from Thailand (Chutimon). She has learned two new languages other than her native language that…
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Case study about ( investigation for individual learning style,strategies, motivation and needs)
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Extract of sample "Case study about ( investigation for individual learning style,strategies, motivation and needs)"

Download file to see previous pages She has some good knowledge in Japanese language as well, which she studied for one and half years before abandoning the course. Therefore, in total, she knows three languages that are Thai (Native Language), English (Second Language) and Japanese (Second Language).
English language is the second language she is currently learning. In the background questionnaire, she informed that she began her first experiences in learning English in primary school where it was incorporated in the Thailand educational curriculum. Chutimon’s learning of English can be divided into three distinct phases that are based on her varying needs and the environment where the learning occurs at each instance. Chutimon is an instrumental English learner and her dream is to work internationally in matters concerning business. She considers learning English as crucial in enabling her to deliver well in her future career where she expects to interact with people belonging to different nationalities.
English is part of the Thai educational curriculum and is incorporated in school programs, so the first learning phase of Chutimon started at primary level, which was quite preliminary. Later on, she joined Kaplan International College in the UK where she got enrolled for a five-month course in English. This formed the second phase of her learning process. While at Kaplan International College, her passion for learning English was still driven by the need to improve her proficiency and she was to learn English language in an interactive environment by corresponding with the native English speakers and other international students. Kaplan provided her with good learning environment.
After completing that five months English learning course, she reached the last phase of her learning when she got 5.5 in IELTS exam and passed the pre-sessional course, then enrolled for a master’s degree in International Business in Manchester Metropolitan University.
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