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Human Anatomy - Essay Example

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The scientific study of human body morphology describes human anatomy. Scientists subdivide human anatomy into two segments that include gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy. …
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Human Anatomy
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"Human Anatomy"

Download file to see previous pages Despite going through evolution, human anatomy still maintains most of its ancient segmental patterns that are also present in vertebrates with basic body components repeated. Whilst studying human anatomy, it would prove vital for us took into human body organs that scientists commonly use to describe human anatomy. They include; biological systems, body organs, body tissues, and body cells and connective tissues. Due to generated history of human anatomy, scientists can now characterize the human body in order to provide more understating of how body organs and structures function. With improved technology, scientists are radically advancing methods of examination to study a human body from dissection of preserved cadavers to technological complex techniques recently developed. People, who study human anatomy such as dentists, physiotherapists, and paramedics just to mention a few, get aided by examining histological preparations practically using a microscope. In addition, students taking human anatomy as a subject also take practice by inspecting cadavers (dead human bodies) since for one to attain concrete knowledge of human anatomy; students require a thorough knowledge and practical. Studying human anatomy can dissect into two ways; regionally where students can learn regions of human bodies like chest and head or systematically to study specific systems like respiratory and nervous(Mckinley & O’Loughlin , 127). Artists greatly influenced by human anatomy, are using anatomy to perform arts. They use visual body parts and conceptual formula in which body muscles and bones stretch, deform during movement to draw, paint, or animate the shape of a human being. Authors use human anatomy when they want to bring out an advanced system of human body structures through art in modern teaching. Human anatomy goes further to explore major organ systems of human body and their purposes. For instance, it highlights the circulatory system whose function is to pump and channel blood into and out of body and lungs using heart and blood vessels. Digestive system processes food with the help of salivary glands, esophagus, stomach and the rectum. Endocrine system helps in passing information from one body part to another using hormones generated by endocrine glands like pituitary glands and thyroid. Broader attempt to analyze human anatomy in depth greatly puts down internal organs such as brain, cerebral cortex, limbic system, hypothalamus, and many more not forgetting the presence of regional groups and their essence in a human body. The head and neck, which include all what is above thoracic inlet, pelvis and premium whereby, the pelvis comprises of everything that is between the pelvic inlet and the diaphragm and the lower limb that contains everything below inguinal ligament consisting of hips, thighs, knees, and legs. The superficial commonly known as the surface anatomy, proves important when studying human body since it is the anatomical landmark that can identify contours on a human body surface (Mckinley & O’Loughlin , 314). Research on aspects of human anatomy has given rise to finer detail investigation. In recent years, scientists using forceps and scalpels supplemented findings based on light microscope technology that permitted an approximately a thousand fold of an object enlargement. Research shows that, today, with the aid of the electron microscope, 200,000 folds of magnification more are possible (Blechschmidt & Freeman, 2). This implies that with frequent improving specialized magnification, we are greatly advancing in research and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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