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Effectiveness Of Clinical Testing Of Olfaction - Case Study Example

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The sense of olfaction is considered to be the most basic of all sensory perceptions. The paper "Effectiveness Of Clinical Testing Of Olfaction" provides a survey of the major diagnostic tests for olfaction and an evaluation of their overall validity and reliability…
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Effectiveness Of Clinical Testing Of Olfaction
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Download file to see previous pages Odor identification, the discernment of odor variations, odor memory, suprathreshold intensity and the qualitative assessment of odor quality. Given the importance of disorders of olfaction as primary disorders and as secondary complications to many important human diseases, effective tools to evaluate olfaction are critical clinical assessment tools.
The earliest studies of olfaction began with the work of Valentin in 1848 and were developed further by Toulouse and Vaschide, and Zwaardemaker in the late 1800s and by Proetz in the early part of the 20th century (1). These early studies of olfactory anatomy and physiology incorporated tests to measure both qualitatively and quantitatively the sensory parameters of olfaction. Over the years, these tests were developed further to include assessments of olfactory sensitivity by means of odor detection and the recognition of specific odors, thresholds of identification and discrimination of different odors, odor memory, assessments of odor intensity scales, and discriminations of sensory pleasure associated with specific scents (2).
The most distinctive feature of nasal anatomy is the dominance of the turbine bones (3, 4 and 5). Very little inspired air reaches the tissues of the nasal epithelium due to the blocking effect of the turbines. The olfactory epithelium is located at the apex of the nasal passages and is the primary interface at which the tissue exchange of inspired gases, primarily oxygen and carbon dioxide, occurs (5). The olfactory epithelium is covered by a layer of mucus that is produced by Bowman’s gland (5). During this process, the air reaches body temperature and becomes saturated with water vapor (5). The dust particles and other materials adhere to the nasal mucosa and then are swept by the hair-like cilia that line the mucosa to the pharynx (5). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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