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Epiphysis is end part of the long bone formed from secondary ossification. It contains a lot of cartilaginous material. Metaphysis is the zone of growth that develops between the epiphysis and diaphysis as growth and…
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Bone Anatomy
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Bone anatomy Question Diaphysis is also referred the shaft of the long bone. Epiphysis is end part of the long bone formed from secondary ossification. It contains a lot of cartilaginous material. Metaphysis is the zone of growth that develops between the epiphysis and diaphysis as growth and development takes place.
Question 2
The shoulder contains the pelvic girdle which contains the scapula and the clavicle. The scapula further holds the humerus. The humerus which is the arm further connects to the fore arm which is composed of radius and ulna. The fore arm radius and ulna further connects to the wrist which contains the carpal bones. The carpals then connect to the metacarpals. From the hand we have the bones of the fingers known as the phalanges.
Question 3
The bones that make up the axial skeleton include the, bones of the skull, the bones of the vertebral column and the bones of the thorax.
Question 4
The curvature of the spine is any group of deviation from the normal curvature of the spine. They include the scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis. Scoliosis is any deviation from spine either laterally or sideways. Lordosis refers to an increased curvature in the lumbar region of the vertebral column. Kyphosis or round back is in increased curvature of the vertebral column (Marieb 114-163).
Question 5
The red bone marrow is one of the bone marrows. Its basic main function is to produce the red blood cells. The yellow bone marrow is another type of bone marrow. The main function of the yellow bone marrow is to store fat which is oxidized to produce energy and water for the body tissues.
Work Cited
Marieb, Elein. Human anatomy and physiology eigth edition . New York: Benjamin Cummings Publishing Company, 2009. Read More
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Bone Anatomy Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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