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Flooding in Ottawa Illinois - Essay Example

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Water moves round and round from the clouds to the soil to and to water bodies and then go back to the clouds, a technical meaning of a flood is an imbalance in the “hydrological system” with…
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Flooding in Ottawa Illinois
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Extract of sample "Flooding in Ottawa Illinois"

Download file to see previous pages Finally, by choosing to discuss this hazard, the solutions that come from it will educate public and they will therefore have knowledge in handling such an incident when it occurs.
In the last five years, seven disasters were experienced in Illinois. For instance, last summer, more than $300 million was put into operation to aid in management of the aftermath of the flood. Also in June 2008, Midwest floods initiated widespread flood destruction across Illinois owing to insistent heavy rains that caused rivers to spill over their banks. Insured losses to Illinois inhabitants totaled $5.3 million. The Great Midwest Floods of 1993, was one of the biggest floods in U.S. history. The outcome was approximately $273 million uninsured flood destruction and an estimated $15 billion in total damages. The approximate amount of damage cause tolled to around $2.6billion and $60.7 million of them insured losses (Barry, 2007).
The probabilistic point of view for flood potential issued by the NWS on March 6, 2014 gives a probabilistic valuation of flood potential using the vocabulary presented below. These viewpoints indicate that the likelihood in percent that slight, modest, or major flooding will take place. Additionally, they provide statistics regarding the possibility a given river stage will be equaled or exceeded during the present forecast period.
Property destruction and financial losses are one side of the story. Alternative perspective focuses on the consequence the flooding has had on the surroundings and the modifications it made to the physical land. Flood waters leads to erosion thus changing the shape of the land. This is caused by the chemicals and organic material deposit carried within the floodwaters. Also flood interfere with shipments of essential commodities like foodstuff, chemicals and other products. When canal are flooded and becomes impassable, ship and other marine means of transport ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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