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The World Languages: Diffusion and Progression Translating - Essay Example

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An essay "The World Languages: Diffusion and Progression Translating" claims that the language is significant in expressing behavior and communication patterns. The Chinese population uses the Mandarin Chinese to express related opinion and accounts or experiences…
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The World Languages: Diffusion and Progression Translating
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Extract of sample "The World Languages: Diffusion and Progression Translating"

The World Languages: Diffusion and Progression Translating
The word language refers to a combination of words used in communication with reference to pronunciation. The world languages testify a regular diffusion and progression translating to different cultures. Languages are a significant element to uniting different world cultures and communities.
Mandarin Chinese is common language with a large population of speakers in the world. The language is significant due to regular use in diverse areas of the society. The language develops gradually due to common interaction and an acceptance among communities of the same economic interests. The spread of Mandarin Chinese originates from the diffusion of the population in the world. The language rapidly gains power and influence within commercial affairs. Mandarin Chinese devotee wins other communities into the language. The language is significant in expressing behavior and communication patterns between members of the same origin. The Chinese population uses the Mandarin Chinese to express related opinion and accounts or experiences (Dahlman, Carl & William 304). The language has significant role in the history of china as a fundamental pillar in religion. The developed of the language is a result of the transformation in pronunciation with retained elementary vocabularies. The process establishes an ancestral connection as a way of linking a current generation to the past.
The Welsh language is an old language in the history of Europe. The language served as an expression code among activists in the Wales. The Welsh language is a traditional culture on the verge of extinction because of expanding influence from other official language in Europe “However, just 10 years later, the 2011 census data showed a return to the downward trend, with a decline of about 2.2% in Welsh speakers” (Dahlman, Carl & William, 294). The Welsh populations are a historical constitute of countries in Europe. The shifting political dimension limits the development of the Welsh language in Europe. As such, various states develop binding constitution and regulations that generate the invention official languages. The languages are significant to conduction business relationships among different countries of the same region. The Welsh language is an identity of a minority population. Many countries engage in world trade fairs supported by trade union and common wealth organizations. Several policies guide the common wealth members to safeguard different interests. The Welsh language lacks the appropriate forum of application. Majority population influences the minority groups of the language. This impact elaborates the reduction in native speakers of the Welsh culture and tradition.
The world economy promotes unity among different states irrespective of political interest. Languages with majority inhabitants like the Mandarin Chinese have a central role in the world. Various governments formulate trade regulations to promote the language. Other institutions sensitize the Mandarin culture among scholars. Such measures increase the population rate of the language across the world. The Welsh language decreases with time because of technology development and civilization. The development of different cultures to merge the changing society erodes distinct features of the Welsh language. As such, individuals from the Welsh community interact and borrow other customs. The effect of the interaction is a transformed community and a unique cultural development.
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