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Greek history, using Plutarch's biography - Essay Example

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Solon of Athens was an intelligent poet, orator and leader in ancient Greece, at a time when the people were divided about the form of governance and society to embrace. Solon’s motivation of reforms in the unjust society of Athens led to formulation of written laws, which…
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Greek history, using Plutarchs biography
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Extract of sample "Greek history, using Plutarch's biography"

Download file to see previous pages Solon was able to strike a following among the rich as well as the poor, which would have been difficult for anyone else for his hardline position against unfair distribution of wealth1. This was only possible because justice to the conflicting groups meant that they were all winners in the reforms introduced by his proposed laws. A preview of his laws shows that Solon had preference for freedom and justice for all men in an equitable society, unlike supporters of tyranny.
Lycurgus of Sparta is perhaps one of the greatest lawmaking figures in the Ancient Greece history for his firm stand on observing the law. Unlike many other lawmakers of his time, he had a deep conviction of the supremacy of the law and almost always made complete devotion to deliver. His contributions in law captured the needs of the society at the day in form of distribution of land, justice in leadership, military and social development. The tradition of Sparta as a military powerhouse had its foundations established during the times of Lycurgus. He was a strict enforcer of the guidance given by the Delphic Oracle of Apollo, who gave him assurances and encouragement of flawless implementation of social reform. While militarism and power were deeply rooted in the cultural traditions of the Spartans, Lycurgus’ contribution towards communal governance with militarism elements cannot be assumed2. Equitable allocation of resources among the poor and the rich was equally followed in Sparta during the time of Lycurgus.
Solon’s contributions to the society were popular across the social divide mainly due to his strength as a popular figure among the conflicting sides of the divided Athens society. While the poor had a strong case against the rich, it was difficult for a rich person to freely be accepted pose as a mediator. Likewise, it would have been difficult for the rich to accept a poor person to represent them in social reforms. Solon however was able to defy these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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