The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans - Plutarch Crassus - Assignment Example

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This paper "The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans - Plutarch Crassus" focuses on such questions as what was the main purpose of Plutarch when he wrote biographical reflections about the strong military leaders? Did he want to appreciate or to appraise the leaders? …
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The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans - Plutarch Crassus
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Download file to see previous pages The readers should achieve virtue after having read the biographies of the great politicians. Moreover, sometimes it is necessary to take into account inappropriate behaviour of the great ancient leaders and it would be better to focus on their strengths and not on their vices. There is no need to focus on the biography of Crassus if not to consider moral and ethical implications provided by Plutarch in this biography. There is a lot of incongruences and the biography of Crassus is rather imbalanced. The way Plutarch describes Crassus head, which is served to the Parthian king is a way of an ambitious depiction of the negative side of glory. There are two main drawbacks, which Crassus has: the first one is his ambition and the second one is avarice. Plutarch is a magnificent bibliographer. The lives of ancient Greeks are highly informative and the personalities, who were described by Plutarch, are extraordinary and leading people of ancient times. The main feature of bibliographical discussions by Plutarch is the reflection of his personal opinion. The Life of Crassus is evidently considered from a negative perspective. On the example of Crassus Plutarch intends to teach a moral lesson to his readers. The main negative feature of Crassus was his avarice. Moreover, this vice was dominant over all other vices, because the other vices could be crossed by the vice of avarice (Plutarch, The Life of Crassus). This claim was positioned by Plutarch at the beginning of the biography of Crassus.
Therefore, the readers consider Crassus from a negative perspective. Other virtues of Crassus are opposed to the main vice of the main character. Plutarch underlines the main vice of Crassus in an intensive manner (Zadorojniy, 1997). Otherwise, the readers would not be so much concerned about avarice as the main vice of Crassus. In such a way, Plutarch positions greed as the main destructive feature of Crassus. Still, Crassus is positioned as a kind man and we cannot claim that this character is bad to the bones.
He often helped people in time and thus people relied on him greatly. Moreover, Plutarch positions the kindness of this politician as one of the main virtues.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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