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Why are there many translations of the bible is an advantage and disadvantage - Essay Example

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Over the past centuries, Christians have witnessed Bible translation from Hebrew into common English language severally, from which majority…
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Why are there many translations of the bible is an advantage and disadvantage
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Extract of sample "Why are there many translations of the bible is an advantage and disadvantage"

Download file to see previous pages glish has been the dominant language for centuries and the translating group (publishers and Bible scholars among others) use different methods to produce various versions that enhance peoples’ comprehension of the teachings. Critics point on the faithfulness of the Bible translations arguing that it contains distorted meanings and words of God. There is the dynamic equivalence method which lays emphasis on the original meaning, formal equivalence on word by word (Wallace 23). However, rather than focusing on the grammatical content in translations, the problem arises in trying to ensure the symbolic language used in the original material of translation makes sense upon paraphrasing and conversions. The benchmark is to ensure that though languages may change, the word of God still remains unchanged.
The Greek New Testament has been criticized for its textual underpinnings that demonstrated a departure from the received Greek text. When Westcott Foss and Fenton John Anthony published the Greek New Testament, they considered the available ancient manuscripts that have been discovered to have missed certain passages (“Why so,” Many Biblical translators have failed to credit the works of these men, despite the fact that they laid a pillar in Biblical translation works. Their work has been claimed to be glorious, but surrounded by controversy on their contradiction from the original sources. Westcott and Anthony used two sources of the manuscripts that came from codex sinaiticus and vaticanus, believed to be false copies of the New Testament. Critiques hold that they entail the fifty falsified manuscripts deliberately corrupted by Eusebius to fulfil the order of neo-pagan emperor Constantine; the two manuscripts not only contradict each other numerously, but 99 per cent disagree with other Koine Greek manuscripts (“A concordance,” Studying the version, there is rising doubt from the contradictions and posing inaccuracies that exist, ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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