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Doctrine of Trinity - Research Paper Example

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In the report “Doctrine of Trinity” the author discusses the predominant canon of Christian theology. It has deep roots inside the history. The evolution of this Christian doctrine could be traced back to the first century into the teaching of some extra-biblical writers…
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Doctrine of Trinity
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Download file to see previous pages The doctrine of Trinity is regarded as an integral part of the later Christian doctrine but it is a surprising fact that it has not been explained explicitly in the New Testament. The theologians often argue about the doctrine’s credibility that the doctrine of the Trinity is not formally defined and discussed in the New Testament. The concept of the Trinity is found in the Gospel of John that is a latest and theologically developed New Testament book. The doctrine has been developed using the biblical language that is used in different passages of the New Testament.
The doctrine teaches that there is one true God, however, within the nature of that solitary God; simultaneously there are three eternal persons that have equal attributes and characteristics. According to this doctrine, God is not a family but it acts like a committee. The basic idea of triune God was founded several years before the emergence of Christianity. The ancient religious believe often emphasize over the existence of God in three people. There are little differences found in the beliefs proposes by the early ancient religions but it was a common conception of ancient theology that God is one supreme power consisting of three essences or person.
It is a fact that the conception of three coequal persons within the Godhead exists in many religions. The Pagan religions from the Babylon time also had the concept of trinity of gods. For instance, in Babylon, there exist the concept of three gods; Nimrod, Semiraman, and Tammuz that was represented through an equilateral triangle. This triangle now acts for the symbolic presenter of modern three in one believer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Doctrine of Trinity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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