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Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Who is the Creator and Sustainer of the entire universe, according to the Holy Scriptures of these religions. The Holy Scriptures including the Old Testament and New…
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Download file to see previous pages Though both Old and New Testaments reveal the qualities of God describing the creation of the heavens, earth, hell, Adam, Eve and their offspring, yet both these Scriptures differ to one another in tone and interpretation. It is therefore the image of God described in the Old Testament is considered to be the authoritative and commanding one in comparison with the God portrayed in the New Testament, where He appears to be far more benevolent, kind and merciful while making comparison with the Old Testament. The articles under study also reveal the same, according to which God appears to be stringent towards the disobedient, announcing punishments to the wrong-doers time and again, while New Testament draws out the blessings sent by Him from high heavens to His creatures. The expulsion of Adam and Eve on tasting the fruit of the forbidden tree (Genesis, 2-3), curse on Cain on killing Abel, Noah’s flood and destruction of his corrupt and defiant nation (Genesis 6-7), where God saved the pious men and all the animals which rode on the arch (John 10:7-11), punishment inflicted upon Pharaoh for humiliating and killing the Hebrew people, and trial of the Hebrew people on worshipping the golden calf (Exodus, 32-34) show that God of Israel or Old Testament deals with the rebels with an iron hand; while God of the New Testament forgives the entire cruel nation, which left no stone unturned to cause pains and sufferings upon Jesus Christ and his companions. Not only this that God in the New Testament did not announce any penalty to the transgressors, but also Jesus himself served as the most polite and forgiving personality, and ignored the butcheries and ruthlessness of his people. Hence, this difference of attitude creates some ambiguities whether the God of OT and NT is one and the same, or they are two different gods maintaining divergent dispositions and parameters while dealing with the human beings.
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