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For example, human rights policies and anti terrorism policies were formed. Additionally, anti drug cartel policies were also created. The above policies…
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Blowback 2. Describe the characteristics and extent of “new-style” empire created by the US since WW II. How is it similar to and different from earlier colonial empires?
The United States started formulated policies that could help to rebuild its economy immediately after the Second World War. For example, human rights policies and anti terrorism policies were formed. Additionally, anti drug cartel policies were also created. The above policies were similar to previous policies in terms of their aims. Whereby, both policies aimed to benefit the United States both economically and politically. On the other hand, the above policies were different in the sense that, prior the Second World War, the united state embraced policies of becoming military and economically powerful through possession of dangerous weapons than other nations. However, the above policies changed after learning how harmful such policies could be to the entire world (Johnson pp.6-10).
3. What US strategic interests have been most influential in the post-Cold-War era?
The U.S aimed to restore peace and prosperity after the cold war. Whereby, the U.S established certain bodies to restore peace and prosperity. This idea was embraced by almost entire world after learning how destructive war may turn the world economy (Johnson p.7).
5. Identify one of the pre-2001 blowback incidents Johnson mentions and explain how it relates to core themes of this class. Are there other examples that we have covered that may involve blowback, but are not mentioned in this reading?
Some of the blowbacks that faced United States include; terrorist attacks among its innocent citizens. Whereby, the attacks were attributed to the previous imperial acts committed by the U.S to other nations. In addition, some economic policies that united state formulated with an aim of harming other economies turned to affect the U.S. For instance, the 1977 economic meltdown affected Thailand, Indonesia, Korea and other countries were reported to have been caused by America. Those crises were least anticipated (Johnson pp.6-10). Additionally, the drug menace was reported to be a major blowback that affected Americans citizens. The drug problem may was attributed to American acts that were previously committed by corrupt CIA military officers. In addition, the Bombing of American embassies in Nairobi Kenya and Dare salaam in 1988 July was another relevant example of Blowbacks (Johnson pp.10). Another, unmentioned blowback that has not been put forth involves China becoming a super power economy. For instance, China is one of the biggest markets for Americans because most of the items utilize in the United States are imported from China. This indicates that economic policies that were put forth by Americans to benefit them at the expense of other nations are currently acting against them (McPherson pp.45-50).
6. Quote the line where Johnson anticipates the events of 9/11. What page is it on?
“It is now widely recognized, for example, that the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, which resulted in death of 259 and 11 people on the ground.”(pp.8-9).
7. What non-military “tools of empire building” were most effective in Asia? Which countries benefitted the most?
The United States utilized authoritarian regime and economics as a tool of Empire building in Asia. However, through demonstration by university student’s democracy was restored. This further opened trade accesses between the U.S and Asia. In addition, other countries benefited most. Among those countries include; South and East Korea as well as USSR (Johnson p.27).
8. Johnson states that “the most important of our Cold War legacies may be in East Asia.” Briefly explain his point. Does this seem more or less true now than 10 years ago?
A cold war legacy implies that the East Asia economic situation and that of the entire world was totally transformed in a positive way. It has been reported that East Asia was able to expand economically this further brought economic balance in the world unlike before. In addition, United States changed its approach and started propagating peace through establishment of organization and bodies that helped to rebuild the entire economy. For instance, one of the most vital legacies includes; establishment of world bank, UN and World Trade Organizations. The Asian economy took advantage of cold war by building itself economically; this remains remarkable up to date (Johnson p.35).
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